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We feature some of the worlds most beautiful homes here on Secret Entourage, and therefore it is hard for us to be impressed by the size or luxury provided by a home as we have seen just about everything, until we came across this home. Known as a modern day fortress, and designed by world famous security system designer “Al V. Corbi” the home is a combination of modern and bizarre shapes that redefine time as you simply can never really tell what he intended to make the home resemble, this truly gets the vote for most unique home.

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This luxury estate features 32 rooms and approximately 8,000 square feet (plus basement with wine cellar and garage), this luxury estate is a showcase for Al’s high-tech design and his mastery of the embedding highly developed systems into the most sophisticated interiors with little or no sign of their existence. In fact, this fortress features 80 windows with 360 degree views of Los Angeles and utilizes polycarbonate from Germany, ballistic steel from Sweden and Italian craftsmanship to combine the finest, most discreet components in the wold with a luxury look and feel.

The most striking elements in this home remain the technology and materials that the home provides. From self dimming lights that read your mood to the air system that reads your body’s temperature and adjusts accordingly to create the perfect weather inside the home at all time, this home is built to please anyone. Security is extremely tight with a safe house, video surveillance and bullet proof glass. The materials used to decorate the are equally as impressive as the design of the home, featuring some of the world’s finest marble, wood, stone and steel.

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This safe estate towers high above Sunset Plaza and includes an elevator, theater, gourmet kitchen, guest suite, heliport, 5 bedrooms, 8 baths, den , family room, 2 offices, wine cellar, rooftop patio, parking for 20 cars (room for 6 inside), 2 Safe Cores, 2 Panic Rooms, and access control. What else could you possibly want in such a luxury mansion. You can also make sure to keep that entire car collection inside as the 6 car garage is massive.

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luxury estates

From all the luxury real estate that we have reviewed, this unique home is by far the most impressive in the sense of originality, it is refreshing to see some builders taking their extreme ideas from the drawing board to completion, and hope that many more luxury estates like this one will start appearing on the market in the years to come. If you are in LA and happen to be looking for some of the most impressive homes in the world please make sure to check out this one, as it will surely impress you.

Featured on The Today Show, CNBC, Livin’ Large, Oprah, Peter Jennings World News Tonight, CNN, ABC News, NBC News, MSNBC and numerous television and press outlets throughout the world, this stunning residence has been called “one of the safest homes in the world”, providing peace of mind in today’s uncertain world. Offered at $7,995,000 by Hurwitz James and off course you will need another 2.5 million for the cars in the garage :). Enjoy our gallery.

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