Why We Shouldn’t Bailout Detroit

Why are we bailing out Detroit? Why is the government getting involved with private sector bailouts?

It seems that the economy of this country is turning into a big mockery. We are bailing out corporations, from banks to car manufacturers, have no oversight of the money, and deal with CEO’s that refuse to give up their pay/bonuses to save their own companies?

That makes no sense.

For years, banks, private organizations and car manufacturers had record profit years, at which point they gave nothing back to the country. I cannot imagine why bailing them is an option and even worst actually going through with it.

Chrysler, GM, and Ford make mediocre products, have mediocre service and have no desire to improve upon it, they have operated that one for years and despite losses continued in the same direction. Why?

Why should your money be going to waste helping pay bonuses for CEO that just don’t care? Your tax money is helping these people continue their ridiculous business models and only support themselves until March 2009, which is right around the corner.

Lets look at what they could do instead to help you:

The bailout would make sense if the following was to happen.
– CEO pay was cut by 75% for 2009 with no bonus
– Increase quality of current models and create better efficiency.
– Decrease prices of current existing models and reprice new ones
– Create a service atmosphere comparable to Japanese competition
– Create a better organizational structure
– Devote more people to R&D and hire more employees
– Decrease costs by using local manufacturers of raw materials