Three Choices In Life That Shape Who You Are

I believe that everyone in this world has potential. I also believe that everyone has a different type of potential.  But more importantly I believe we can all make an impact in our own way.

Many people ask me about success and ask me how I got to where I got so quickly. There are many factors behind anyone that succeeds in life, regardless of what they succeed in, there are many factors that helped them get there.

However, all successful people have one thing in common. They made the right choices at some point in their lives.

Which leads me to this next topic: Choice

We are all confronted with choices in our lives, some larger than others, and some more impact full than others. We could spend all day talking about all the choices you are faced with everyday and come to the conclusion that good choices create great outcomes, but you already know that.

So lets talk about some of the choices you have that are not so obvious and that could impact you in more severe ways than you think.

I like to break down these not so obvious choices into 3 segments.

1. Friends and Entourage
– The oldest and yet simplest choice you will ever make. What we don’t seem to see is that friends and associations are of most importance as they can impact you in positive and negative ways. In the business world, you will always hear people tell you that the more people you know the better off you are. I personally believe that to be wrong. I believe that the more people you know that can influence your life in a positive way, the better off you are. Remember that as you will be influenced positively and be able to benefit from the great resources of your useful friends, you will equally be impacted negatively being seen and associating yourself with those that seem to drag on you. Mindset is everything when it comes to achieving goals and you want people around you that believe in you and will encourage you to reach your goals, not continuously remind you of what its like to fail.

2. Relationships
– Your significant other (girlfriends included) is very important, as you spend most of your time with this person. It is important to value who you are and pick a companion with equal ambition as you will need all the support you can have. You will need someone that will value you, will understand your need for space, will respect your decisions and encourage you when you embark on something new, you will need an individual that will understand that correct feedback is critical to your success and will not waste time picking on your project. The wrong person can be a very destructive force that will keep you from succeeding, make sure to know who you are with and how much of a positive impact they will be in your life.

3. Fun
– A work life balance is most important on your road to success but remember the cost of a night out can be a disaster in your life. The cost has nothing to do with money, not initially anyways. Going out and enjoying the night can involve alcohol, driving and hanging out in dangerous places. Be aware of what goes on in your surroundings and remember to stay in control of you at all times. If you drink, dont drive and dont black out, if you drive, dont speed and be careful, if you go to unfamiliar places, have a back up plan and keep your eyes open. It is a choice to go out, and the people you go with are all chosen by you; you are ultimately responsible for you when you make the choice to leave your house. Be careful as a small DUI or the risk of blacking out in unfamiliar grounds could cost you more than money, it could cost you years to rebuild what one night destroyed which would ultimately cost you much more than the initial court costs, without mentioning that it could cost you your life.

Those three segments are just as important as any other choices you will have to make, but are often neglected as we dont look into things much but rather act without calculating the impact it holds on our lives.

You have the choice to do anything you do. The right choices make you or break you, and focus is key to making the right choices. Determine what your goal is and every time you are faced with a choice ask yourself “How can this stop me from getting there?” Once you understand the treats that face you when making that particular choice, you can choose to be careful and overcome them.

So be careful and make the right choice.

Actions are louder than words and your actions are determined by your choices.