Tips For Job Employment


In 2008, unemployment soared and caused millions to loose their jobs, 2009 is expected to be worst. Some factors are uncontrollable and can keep you from getting the job you want but some others are strictly your fault. Lets look at some small items that can keep you from succeeding.

  • Arriving late to an interview
  • Chewing gum
  • Not looking your business best
  • Not being prepared
  • Appearing too confident
  • Being very relaxed
  • Using slang often
  • Attempting to create a friendship
  • Being loud
  • Being vague in your abilities
  • Lying on your resume
  • Grammar mistakes on your resume are a big no-no

These are some of the few more common mistakes people make and yet don’t realize it which makes it very difficult to correct.

Here are some quick tips to help you:

  • Be 20 min early
  • Do not chew or eat anything during
  • Answer with confidence but be humble
  • Do not down talk your previous employer
  • Practice your statements
  • Practice discussing whats on your resume
  • Speak to your activities, that create your abilities
  • Be honest on your numbers
  • Be very polite, remain engaged
  • Do your homework on the company
  • Do your homework on the position
  • Understand why you are a fit for role

Here are some simple tips that can help you win in 2009 and be actually considered for a position, keep in mind that more people are unemployed and therefore more people are looking for an opportunity to win, some of which are more qualified than you.

Dont allow these small items to cost you to lose opportunity.