Three Kinds Of Emotions That Make You


Emotional intelligence is one of the main factors that cause normal, educated and smart people to make all the wrong decisions.

It is under emotional stress that some of the worst decision made in your life were made. These emotions do not have to be negative at first but will cause you to make the wrong decisions and can lead to you falling from your high throne. There are three main emotions that dictate how we live our lives and the decisions we make, we will analyze all three and look at how we can overcome the common mistakes that are created by these emotions.

Love is blind and so are you.

If you choose to let it lead you life, we often make our greatest mistakes in the name of love and often don’t even realize it till we fall out of love. Love is highly addictive and often a destructive force, it will cause you to act irrational on the basis that you want to make your loved one feel at ease or happy but more importantly is a great danger to your time management skills, which seem to become non-existent in the first phases of new love and seem to take away the importance of life if not spent with your loved one. The combination of love and the lack of self confidence can be a disaster waiting to happen as you will feel dependency on the other and the fear of being alone, keeping you from seeing life around you evolve and making you the last horse to cross the finish line.

An easy fix to this is to listen to cues from those around you and pay attention to your environment and to those around you. They will often critic your relationship or behavior and when it is starting to sound like a CD on repeat, then you might want to pay attention and re evaluate if it is really love or infatuation and what you are about to lose because of it.

Anger is Pathetic.

As it brings no real outcome to anything you do. Any action made in anger is automatically negative. Anger is powerful but easily controllable as time is the only factor that will make that emotion go away. Some of the worst decisions can be made in moments of anger and can easily be avoided if a 30min -1 hour window exists between the emotion and the action. In other words 1 hour could save you from destroying your life. I call this emotion pathetic simply due to the fact that it can easily be avoided, and I would assume that if it took you ten years to progress to where you are, you wouldn’t throw that away with 1 hour. Keep in mind that anger can be especially dangerous if combined with pride and can cause destructive results.

If you are big on pride and have a large ego then know yourself and do not allow anger to dictate your actions as you will fall hard. Take more than 1 hour and reflect on the reality that caused you to get to that point and realistically come up with a positive way to turn the situation around. Do not allow the immediate emotions to hurt your feelings and cause a desire for immediate retribution.

Fear is your greatest enemy.

Fear is the emotion that keeps us from taking chances or achieving more on any given day. We either fear the outcome of what we are about to do or fear the lack of an outcome. In other words, ”what if” becomes a big part of our vocabulary and dictates our life. We fear that the business we want to start will be too difficult, or may not work. We fear investing because of the potential loss we might take on our money. We fear rejection, so we are afraid to approach people and finally we might fear missing out on an opportunity so we rush in too quickly. Fear is also easily manipulated through the ability to assess risk and possible outcomes. We must look at the maximum gain and loss and then determine what the proper course of action is and must accept the fact that without risk, no return can exist.

Next time you are afraid and choose to act during that emotion, take a moment and do nothing. Fear is not an emotion you should act on no matter what as the domino effect starts the minute you act and it only goes down from there. You cannot assess risk when you are emotional and therefore cannot clearly justify outcomes to yourself and so you should do nothing.