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As entrepreneurs and small business owners, perception is often a key component we can utilize to our advantage. One such tactic that many employ is using a phone service that makes your business sound like a large company rather than a personal cell phone. Talkroute is an affordable yet simple cloud based phone solution for small businesses up to large enterprises. It’s a plug-and-play setup that comes with many features such as call forwarding, auto attendants, call transfers, vanity numbers, and much more. Please welcome Talkroute as our latest partner and your partner in growing your business.

What is Talkroute?

Talkroute is classified as a Cloud Hosted PBX Phone solution. However, it is much more than that. Talkroute is a scaleable business phone solution that provides services to everyone from Entrepreneurs / Small Business Owners to Enterprise Size Companies with hundreds of employees.

Talkroute utilizes VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) to provide our phone service. The system is a cloud based solution that requires no on-site equipment to maintain or purchase. Everything is controlled from our servers and maintained by our staff. This translates into thousands of dollars in savings for businesses.

Talkroute OfficeVoice combines our auto attendant (press one for… press two for…), smart hold, and proprietary forwarding technologies to give our clients the power of an enterprise phone system in the palm of their hand. You can be connected to your primary business phone system and never set foot in an office. It truly revolutionizes the way you can conduct business and allows business professionals to be on the go and never feel like they left their desk. The professional appearance the phone system provides to small businesses is an invaluable asset to many who may be juggling a new business with a full time job and/or family. We have clients that run their entire business from a cellular phone and tablet while maintaining a professional image.

Who is the team behind Talkroute?

Talkroute was founded by brothers, Paul and Eric Howey. Eric Howey has years of experience in the telephony industry and deployed phone systems for clients such as Boeing and Trump Towers. Eric designed the first version of the Talkroute system as a solution for Paul Howey. Paul has owned several businesses and one of these businesses required his staff to be constantly on the go and outside the office. Paul was experiencing a loss of business due to constant missed calls and poor lead follow up. Talkroute solved both of these issues even in the Beta stages of development.

The team is continuing to grow everyday.


How does your service help businesses?

Talkroute is truly a blank canvass for any business to paint on. The question really is, what would you like your phone system to do? Talkroute is customized to each clients unique needs. We pride ourselves on the fact that no two phone systems have ever been the same. While one client may make use of the extensive forwarding features and receive business calls on their cellular and home devices, another client may have multiple remote offices throughout the country that they wish to network together under one system.

The possibilities are truly limitless.

The freedom our system provides entrepreneurs is truly one of our best features. Now you no longer have to tell you family that you can not be at a function or take part in an activity. Your business is with you at all times, wherever you are.

What kind of additional features does Talkroute support?

Talkroute support a variety of unique and custom features. The most popular are:

  • talkroute3Auto Attendents/IVRs
  • Call Forwarding/Call Transfers
  • Smart Hold Queues with Custom Audio
  • Feature rich Office Phones from Polycom and Grandstream
  • Voicemail Prevention (Smart Forwarding)
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Fax to Email
  • Toll Free Numbers
  • Local Area Codes
  • Vanity Toll Free Numbers

We also supply your phone service. You will no longer need traditional LAN service, such as AT&T. There are many other additional features that can be found on out website.

What kind of hardware is required for Talkroute?

There is absolutely no hardware required except for a working phone. Our system works with any phone, regardless of make and/or model. There are particular phones that we recommend when it comes to an actual “desk phone” in order to take advantage of all the great functionality that Talkroute offers. Some additional network equipment may be required as you add multiple desk phones to a location in order to provide the best quality of service.

How does your company compare and contrast to a company like Grasshopper?

Talkroute offers a majority of the key features that Grasshopper provides, such as Toll Free Numbers, Local Numbers, Keep Your Existing Number, Custom Main Greetings, etc. However, Grasshopper is a service designed for a startup or small business with no means of growing with the new business as it matures one day into a company. The goal of all startups is not to remain a startup, but to become a company. Our goal is to help get you there.

Talkroute grows with you and evolves as your business grows. Today you may only have a cellular device and a laptop but tomorrow you may have multiple employees at desks that require phone service and enterprise level functionality. Talkroute is completely customizable and you can add services and functionality as you need them without ever changing from one service to another.

Where can readers learn more about Talkroute and your services?