How To Pick The Right First Job

1st job

This article is to all the younger readers we have that have emailed me asking how we have gotten so far so quick, obviously making the correct decisions coupled with common sense does help but very importantly we go back to our 1st job and why it was necessary but also how it can help you get to your goals faster, health care jobs and human resources jobs are among most popular choices by teenagers with the right mindset.

When you are ready to get your first job search no matter how old you are, there is a lot you can do to help yourself reach your maximum potential quicker than the rest of your friends. This is where common sense kicks in, we discussed the true value of college earlier and the effects of doing things at random instead of calculating your wins.  When you are ready to apply for your first job, keep certain things in mind.

Ask yourself these questions:
Which industry do you want to work in 5 years?
What skills does this job teach you?

The industry in which you get your first job is very relevant as you will be building experience working right as you are 14-16, this is powerful as your resume will be strong when you are ready to start your career, in other  words you are getting great experience right from the start and are learning the ropes by observing others in higher positions which at one point would be what you do. The other benefit here is sometimes we have a change of heart as we learn from others what the future really holds.

The skills you learn on the other hand can also come in handy despite the irrelevance to the field. If you learn about sales and marketing at a young age, then you can sharpen your skills through the years giving you a 3-5 year leap over others that start later in their life. The skills you can acquire in your first job are very important and allow you much room for error. Try to target jobs that are sales based, marketing based and or require tremendous customer service skills. Try to stay away from retail and mall based jobs as they are draining, lead nowhere and have no relevance to anything you need.

Great first jobs are telemarketing, customer service reps, bank tellers, sales reps, real estate assistants, and retail sales and service.

Stay away from jobs like car sales as the car industry has a weird way to drawing you in and never letting go. We will discuss car related employment in our other article and how to make the best of it, not actually waste time in sales jobs that keep you happy with a bit of extra cash.

As you start your job search, remember that business, health care and human resources jobs in large corporations hold the most weight to acquiring a good career after you come out of school or simply if you choose to work your way up. So pick your first job carefully a sit may make a big difference in your life and how quickly you get to your dreams.