How To Make Money With Ebay or Craigslist

So you saved a bit of cash and consider yourself very good at Ebay or Craigslist and find yourself to be an expert in selling on the web. Well time to make money doing it for others. There are two ways you can go about this, one has greater risks but carries much greater rewards, the other is the turtle approach but works very well if you are good enough at it.

Method #1:

Simply locate people that have been attempting to sell an item on Ebay or Craigslist and are local to you. Once you found them, negotiate what the lowest is that they will sell the particular item for then offer to sell it for them at that price and in exchange you keep what you sell it for over that amount. If they agree and depending on what the item is, there might be good money in it for you and offers a convenient service to others that simply want to clear house, the average car sale will make you $1500 and computers, between $50-100 each.

I cannot stress enough that you are wasting your time if you are not a good negotiator as your role becomes the one of a mediator in between a buyer and seller and then links them. Make sure to create a contract between you and the seller so that you don’t loose your cut upon finding a buyer.

Method #2:

This is a more risky approach and requires you to have more cash on hand and also requires you to truly be an expert in the field that you choose to purchase from. Since it is a recession, there are many deals out there and there are many opportunities to acquire goods in new condition for a fraction of their costs, so simply purchase them by negotiating them down even further and buy them at a record low. Simply market them better than the person across many more channels and sell the item for a profit. The profit here is more substantial as you control more of the transaction and negotiated the item down significantly more than other advertised prices.

Please be careful to purchase only items you can resell quickly as the market continues to remain unstable and consumer spending is still fragile, if you cannot resell quick enough, a newer model of your good might be available at the same price. I have been very successful at this using cheaper vehicles in immaculate shape with low mileage, you find the right one at $3,000, recondition it with $500 and sell it for $5000. Older cars are dependent on mileage and no longer age and so areĀ  always popular in recessions but also don’t lose value if not driven.