How to Get Cheap Laser Targeted Facebook Traffic & Fans


If you are still relying on Google for all your traffic, it’s time for you to stop putting your eggs in one basket and even venture into the fun world of paid advertising. It should be no surprise that Facebook has become one of the largest paid advertising channels on the web. You can put this right behind Google Adwords as our favorite place to acquire traffic. However, most of you are probably wasting your hard earned dollars on irrelevant and bad quality traffic. Here’s how you can get super laser targeted fans and traffic!

Facebook lately has gotten a bad rap when Veritasium decided to expose the reality of Facebook ads and the apparent rise of click fraud. Truth be told, that video did hold a lot of weight and was really a reality check for those who were either cheating the system by buying fake Facebook fans, or by using the internal Facebook advertising platform the wrong way.

The video discusses promoting posts or creating campaigns targeting specific demographics and interest. In theory, these methods should work but even then he showcased a live example of extremely bad quality fans that were questionable at best.

A very important thing to note is that Facebook is definitely DECREASING the reach that every page has now. If you don’t believe us, look at any of your favorite pages and you might notice less interaction across the board.

As you increase your fan base, Facebook cannot and will not show all your updates to your loyal fans because it can only show a small portion of your fans which in may cases are the fake fans or bad quality fans. Long story short, Facebook algorithm decreases your reach because your true fans are diluted by the shitty ones.

So how do you target good fans? You ONLY target fans in the same demographic and fans that are currently engaged. There are two tools to help us do this.

The first is Facebook social graph search. It’s a free tool that works upon a series of search operators that then aggregates data for you. Here’s are a few things you can try and search for:

Pages liked by people who like Secret Entourage


Favorite interests of people who like Secret Entourage


Pages liked by Secret Entourage and people who live in Los Angeles, California


As you can see, the sky is the limit when it comes to typing in search operators in Facebooks social graph search. I haven’t found a full list of complete commands but usually mixing and matching things work pretty well.

Now that you see other similar pages, you could build a Facebook campaign and just target people that are interested in those pages. However, even though its relevant, you might still target people that are dormant or questionable, even if from the USA.

So how do you solve this problem. You scrape the pages and target ONLY the users who have shown engagement in the form of liking a status or leaving a comment. There’s no quick or free way to do this so we like a tool called Social Lead Freak. This tool allows you to scrape the user id’s of anyone who is part of a page, group, post, and more.

The beauty of this tool is that you are ONLY targeting specific users, therefore dramatically reducing your cost (usually less than 10 cents per like), because there is no one else specifically bidding on and targeting the same user. It’s a laser targeted approach instead of a shot gun approach.

Once you scrape the pages with this tool, you’ll have to create an audience for each page. Obviously pages will always grow and engaged users will change so you will have rescrape new audiences every few weeks. Plus you don’t want to keep showing the same ad to your audience over and over to the point where they become blind to it.

By combining these two tools, this will allow you to drive cheap, targeted Facebook traffic anywhere you want for any reason whether you want to send visitors to your site, or increase your Facepage likes.

If you play your cards right, you can get 858 clicks to your site for $40 like this..