FoundR Magazine – Secret Entourage Edition


What if Secret Entourage had a magazine and what would it look like? A few years ago, the Secret Entourage team made a firm decision to remain an online publication rather than get into the magazine space. A few months ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Nathan Chan, a young entrepreneur with a really cool magazine known as FoundR, a publication in the digital space whose mission and value is very much aligned to that of our own brand. FoundR is focused on helping entrepreneurs by exposing them to amazing tools, resources, and interviews all geared to help spark the entrepreneurial spirit. Since Secret Entourage’s motto is “For the entrepreneur in you,” it only made sense that we join forces to bring you one incredible issue filled with some of today’s best content in the realm of entrepreneurship. In this amazing free issue, you will find all the tools you need to get started on your entrepreneurial journey, and for a limited time, FoundR is offering this download absolutely FREE.

In this issue of FoundR devoted to Secret Entourage, you will find incredible interviews from the Secret Academy like:

Pejman Ghadimi – CEO of Secret Entourage on How to Control Your Circumstance
Nellie Akalp – CEO of CorpNet on Best ways to file a Business for Entrepreneurs
John Lee Dumas – CEO of Entrepreneur on Fire on How to make 6 Figures a Month Podcasting
Peter Keller – CEO of Fringe Sport on How to Scale a Business to $10 Million

You will also find insight on all you need to master the basic entrepreneurial skills needed to succeed in any business. You might actually even learn a thing or two about the obstacles most successful entrepreneurs encounter on their journey and how to overcome them.

We really can’t stress the tremendous value this issue of FoundR is packed with and we encourage all of you to download your free issue today!

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