From Don’s Desk: The Reason Why it Does Matter!

Many of my friends and family member ask me why I spend so much time on Secret Entourage when they know I can spend the same time on trading, real estate or just about anything else I know how to make money with.  Many of them are comfortable and have a series of achievements to be proud of, monetary of course. I always tend to reply that Secret is not a business, but rather a way of life and yet they look at me like I’ve lost my mind. So why does it matter? Why do I think that I can change things for the better when so many have failed before? How can one person change the path of so many others?

These are all valid questions and so I decided to take a moment and address all those, so that others would understand the real purpose behind Secret Entourage and what it really means to the world around us.

There are a group of people that wake up everyday and go to work to learn nothing, get nowhere and wonder when and how things will ever change. That same group of people are aware that they are worth more than they are today. They understand they have to work hard and they understand that there is a better way than just working for someone that won’t help them get anywhere. Unfortunately for them, there are not many left that take personal responsibility for helping others. Not many who will go out of their way to challenge people to be better or greater than they are currently and there is simply not enough great leadership left in corporate America that is willing to face such reality and do something about it.

The idea behind Secret Entourage is to help unite those that have chosen to help, those that have sacrificed their time for others, and those that have been successful and understand that giving back by helping others find their true potential is much more significant than giving money away. It is a way for great leaders, entrepreneurs, and thinkers to come together and help others self-realize their potential, but it is also a place for those in need of guidance to come and receive the education and motivation needed for them to grow to their true potential at work or in their own ventures.

Why Stay Poor?

Well Stay Poor is a different book than what most expect it to be. It is the foundation of correct thinking and the mindset required to succeed. It is not a strategy of wining in real estate or making a million dollars in the stock market. It is however a map showing you how to think in life to keep moving forward and growing. It is the foundation you need to understand and recognize opportunities around you. The title Stay Poor by itself is ultimately to show people why they choose to stay poor, and that accumulating wealth has nothing to do with a miraculous overnight system, nor does it have to do with how much capital you have. The idea is to position yourself for success, rather than wait for it to come to you. Many more books will be released helping people through their journey regardless of which path they choose.

How can one person change the way so many think and actually impact the growth of society?

One person cannot change society nor should they try to by themselves, but one man can start to initiate change, and in his quest perhaps others of value can join and together there can be change. The voice of Secret Entourage cannot be mine, nor can it be a person that others follow but it must be one’s own voice that chose to not live a mediocre life and seeks help growing.  What I wish for is that more people with the means, the success, and the background can stand up and join us in spreading this message, as their voices are needed for Secret Entourage to truly become what it was meant to be.

Why not reveal yourself?

The idea once again is not for others to follow Don but rather to get the knowledge they need and choose their own path, and more importantly to not get attached to a figure, but rather the idea of success and constant pursuit of perfection. If Don is revealed, people would follow him for the wrong reason and therefore the idea wouldn’t hold real value. We do reveal others involved monthly through our Success Stories which demonstrate that the message is real and others are living by their fearless methods and helping others from staying poor.

I hope this has helped clear out some of the thinking behind the importance of such a message and that many of you will join us in our quest to bring more successful people together and change the face of our future.