Direction of Automotive Industry

auto industry

It is now clear that General Motors going bankrupt and dropping Pontiac is only one of many companies that will have to cut its loose ends during this recession. It seems that despite the auto industry’s sales picking up a bit in the first and second quarters of 2009, the cuts are not yet done.

American car manufacturers like General Motors will continue to suffer due to poor products, management and awful marketing but others are doing fairly well and taking this recession as an opportunity to grow into a better and smarter company.

Lets look at some examples:

Ford has done a great job in adapting to this economy and making changes to its line gradually since 2005, so that it would be ready to attack strong in 2010. It has redesigned it Focus, teamed up with Microsoft for its technology and made more hybrid vehicles available, without mentioning that their designs and levels of quality are increasing.

Following Ford has been Korean auto maker Hyundai who recently introduced its “Genesis” sedan and coupe and has changed its commitment to quality as well. Hyundai was known for making affordable cheap cars but it has taken this recession seriously and decided to re brand itself as the alternative to luxury at a great saving. Their latest is reviewed and compared to the top of the line Lexus or Mercedes but costs a fraction of the competition.

These two companies Ford and Hyundai are some of the big shakers and movers to watch, they offer great products, at attractive prices and continue to remain innovative. they make big leaps while others simply try to catch up.