Most and Least Recession Proof States

recession proof

Its obvious that we are facing bad times, but some places are feeling the pinch much more than others. So we are bringing you the areas that have been most affected and those that are in the clear.

Most Affected States:

California: Known to have a foreclosure rate of over 8%, unemployment rate of 12% and has already suffered from more than 9 bank failures. The government is expected to donate 200,000 jobs there by the end of 2010 with the help of the recovery plan President Obama has put forth.

Florida: The wonderful sunshine state is also suffering from record numbers of foreclosures also nearing the 8% mark, an unemployment rate of approx 9% and 4 bank failures to date, the government is expected to save or create 160,000 jobs with the same recovery plan.

Worth Noting:

Atlanta and Nevada: Despite doing ok in most sectors, both of these states have suffered from tremendous foreclosures and remain on the same level as Florida and California for foreclosures but do not suffer as badly in other areas.

Least Affected States:

Virginia: Dominated by the government that is in DC, VA has not suffered as badly from unemployment or foreclosures, they come in at 3% unemployment and under 2% for foreclosures, this coupled with the creation of approximately 95,000 jobs and zero bank failures could prove VA to be of the strongest states in the US currently.

Colorado and Arizona: Both states tie in this run as they both win for only 2/3 statistics. Colorado wins for very low foreclosures and no bank failures, vs Arizona who wins for low unemployment and low foreclosures but suffers from bank failures, both states are expecting an additional 130,000 jobs by 2010.