Methods To Make Money With No Job

Unemployment is at record highs and it seems that applying for jobs does not pay the bills but it is still necessary if you are eventually going to get a real company to call you. So what do you do?

We believe in helping you by bringing you new ways you can make money and no we don’t mean by starting some internet scam or by buying a new “get rich gig” for $19.95. We stand strong behind making sure that we don’t bring you any pyramid schemes or scams. A simple new idea every week.

Here is Idea # 1

Tools Needed: a computer, a printer, basic house skills, the drive to succeed and finally you need free time.

What you can do: create basic flyers to offer basic home services like cleaning, lawn mowing and car wash. Whichever you feel strongest at. The flyer must be short, straight to the point and offer those services at a much cheaper cost. For Example: car wash for $10, Lawn mowing for $20 and full house cleaning for $50.

How do you get clients: pass out 300 flyers per day for 5 days straight. You will receive an average of 10 calls per 150 flyers. The more you pass out, the more calls you get.

Before you know it, you will be getting phone calls and making money, it will not be much money but it can become quite a bit if you stick to it and get strong at it.