A Tale of Secrecy – The Birth of the Third Circle Theory

As the founder of Secret Entourage, I wanted to share with all of you today an important message regarding an important book we will be releasing in January 2013.

5 years ago, I sat down with a group of people at dinner to discuss how we could create a different type of organization. One whose sole mission is to help and unite people with a common view of a better world. We sat down and talked of a thousand ways we could engage a new generation in much need of help overcome the lack of entrepreneurial education. We wanted to provide real entrepreneurial information through a new lifestyle based platform, and wanted to make sure that those individuals working hard each day would feel a level of social responsibility by sharing and helping others. Eventually this group of individuals would lead to the efforts being passed along, and would help reunite a generation that was drifting away.  A generation that despite being very capable was divided by selfishness and still is, but has the power to change. This gave birth to Secret Entourage a year later.

In 2008, someone asked me if I think one person can change the world.

No one man can change the world, but 1 man can ignite a spark powerful enough for others to see the light, and as a result true change can happen”

Today, we believe in that more than ever before. With countless emails from our readers telling us of the impact we have made on their lives, to the large following we have accumulated, as well as the continuous inquiries we get from people wanting to help us because they believe in us. The feedback has been very rewarding and with each person impacted by our cause and what our mission is, we are one step closer to achieving our goal of a united generation focused on innovation.

If someone asked us in 2008 if we had any idea what the journey Secret Entourage would be like, we certainly would have a very different response than the one we have today.  The journey of Secret Entourage has been quite an eye opener for all of us. The people we had the pleasure of meeting and the stories we can now tell others, were worth every effort we put into bringing them to you. We ourselves as a team have been overwhelmed with how inspired people have been by our work. Allen Wong, the innovator behind the 5.0 Scanner app recently did an interview for Secret and as a result was so inspired that he chose to write his very own book called Lifehacked and share with people more about the struggles that enabled him to become the person he is today.  If you haven’t had a chance to, make sure you check out his story.

Back when we started Secret, our goal was not to create another self-help website where we share how to make money stories or showcase wealth, but rather create a platform that belonged to a new generation pursuing innovation. We wanted people to continue to inspire others past being inspired. True entrepreneurship is about creating value for others through innovation; not just making a few bucks so your lifestyle can improve, while the world deteriorates. Our goal then was not about getting recognition for our work or making a profit from Secret Entourage but enabling the platform to self sustain itself while helping reach more and more people.

2013 will mark a very important year for Secret Entourage as we can finally release a book that defines the purpose behind Secret Entourage. The book has been in the making for the past 10 years is not only the story of WHY Secret Entourage exists and a sum of our greatest learnings but is also the first of its kind to reveal an invisible roadmap that has never been talked about before. We know there are a thousand different ways someone can become successful, but never before has someone broken down how and why some of us become visionaries while others only live to be successful. How did Edison find the energy to brighten the darkness in our lives? How did Martin Luther King find the courage to change the direction of society? How did Steve jobs innovate simplicity in a complex technology from his garage? Regardless of their age, status or wealth, these people changed the world we live in forever through their innovative thinking and their vision of what the world could be and should be. They took it on themselves to shape the world they wanted to see, not the one others had seen and lived in. As a result, they impacted us, inspired us and helped us but have left behind a legacy that through ages will never be forgotten.

We are excited that after 10 years of observations, 10 years of coaching and 10 years of interacting with some of the most incredible people we could find, we have been able to create the theory of WHY and HOW people become visionaries. As result we have now created the roadmap that allows anyone to take that next step in their life and define their existence. We now have the answers to how normal people that have no different childhoods than all of us wake up one day with a vision and where they find the energy to see it through to the end.  We are happy to introduce you to the one book that will change the way you see and understand the world around you, and help open your eyes to why our world needs you now more than ever. Be ready to understand what others have never been able to put into words, and be prepared to see a world without limits or boundaries. A world where you are in total control through your observations.

The Third Circle Theory: Purpose through Observation will be available on Secret Entourage in electronic and paperback format in January 2013. Make sure to check it out!