4 Critical Mistakes You Should Never Make When Seeking Help


We have so many people reaching out to us at Secret Entourage Academy that it has unfortunately become very difficult to answer everyone. With the amount of emails daily, not including responding to fans and followers on our social platforms, we decided to give you some tips when attempting to connect with people, regardless that its online or locally.

1. Do some homework: The simplest of tips seems to be the one most forgotten. While its OK to ask a question, it’s a huge turn off to ask a question that has been answered over a dozen times all over the internet. Understand who you are asking, Google them, and perhaps you’ll already have your answer. Should the answer you received not be clear, then ask an intelligent question related to your misunderstanding on the topic.

Example: Don’t ask “Do you have any tips on entrepreneurship?

But rather ask: “Based on your response in your ____ interview, I am still confused about how X plays a role in someone’s success?

You are 10 times more likely to receive an answer if you did some homework and are simply asking for clarification.

2. Don’t be desperate: So many people reach out saying they have hit rock bottom and simply don’t know what to do or where to go,  yet their problems are so small compared to the real issues entrepreneurs face everyday. No one likes a desperate person who has given up on themselves. Instead, we love to help guide those who have hit a road black and simply don’t want to be defeated.

Example: Don’t say “I have no money left, my girlfriend left me and my parents are sending me back to school.”  All of these are personal problems and no offense but none of us give a shit.

Instead ask: “I have recently hit a financial roadblock, and have also suffered from a hard relationship, now my parents are forcing me back to school. Do you have any recommendations on how I can convince my parents to not send me to school?”

3. Don’t write a book: While we do care about some context of your story, the initial email to connect with us shouldn’t start with a 5 page essay about everything you have gone through.

Instead, focus on the power of commonality and give a clear quick headline about why you are reaching out.

Example: Don’t write about your childhood. Instead, try writing  “I just read your book Third Circle Theory, and I myself share a common background,” then ask your question or state your request.

4. Don’t ask for money: This may seem like common sense but it still keeps happening to us and others we work with almost every week. Some cartoon character decided to simply email saying they have nothing and would love a few thousand dollars to be an entrepreneur.

People who don’t know you don’t give random people thousands of dollars just cause they asked. Regardless that you need VC money, or simply a handout, asking on the first email intro is simply a bad idea. It is very unlikely that someone acts on that and there is no value for that person reading the email to even respond.

The idea of this post is to help you be more effective in reaching out to people so you are more likely to receive an email or call back. If you dress wrong and no one ever mentions it to you, then you simply will continue to do it and certainly at some point will realize how many more doors would have been opened should you have had a stronger awareness of all that you do wrong. Remember what I break down in Third Circle Theory about how to become more self-aware and fast forward yourself through life.