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From the creators of Secret Academy and Third Circle Theory...

Sales 101 - A People Centric Approach to Better Selling

"Selling is one of the core components of helping a business grow and sustain itself. The biggest misconception is that marketing is the driver for growth, when in reality it is the selling cycle itself. Marketing is a component of selling and when incorporated well, it can work side-by-side with your selling process to create massive momentum in business growth."

Sales 101 is a fresh new perspective on selling focused on people. In this digital course you will learn:

  • How to get over your fear of rejection
  • The 3 pillars of buying decisions
  • ​Why facilitators are better sales people
  • What symbols of truths are and how to read them
  • Why value without positioning is irrelevant
  • Powerful sales stereotypes
  • The 5 second cold calling rule
  • Why online sales have no relevance to selling
Karen Luksievich Customer Service Director

I absolutely loved the book. A lot of minor details I would never have considered previously, even with my experience of retaining sales on the customer service side. The area I personally related to the most was Cold Selling (page 41). The book really hit the nail on the head in regards to how to create a connection. It’s very hard to build a relationship with a client when you are not face to face especially since we are mostly programmed to assume unknown numbers are simply solicitations that want our money.