Project Quattroporte “Mafia BOSS” Introduction

secret entourage project mafia boss

In 2010, Secret Entourage brought you one of the world’s most beautiful Aston Martin known as “Aston Heaven“. The car was the perfect example of beauty, power and soul and made headlines everywhere due to its unique color and amazing selection of modifications. That was 2010, and as we part ways with our beautiful Aston Martin project car we give birth to a new project: Project “Mafia BOSS”.

secret entourage project mafia boss

The car is a Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT, with the last of the Duo Select transmission. Our particular car is Nero on Nero with Piano Wood trim and comes very well loaded with an alcantara headliner, steering wheel, and upgraded 2010 20″ GTS wheels. Our car arrived from Texas thanks to our friends and sponsor at JP Logistics in February with 14,000 miles on the clock and looked great but needed a slight bit a of work to be perfect. Knowing how amazingly picky the team at Secret Entourage is with all our cars, this particular Maserati was no exception. We purchased this car using the same philosophy we teach in How to drive a luxury car for FREE and will live through our own words as we build this Quattroporte to be the sexiest Maserati to grace any streets.

The car needed a a new side Maserati emblem ($36), a great detail job ($300), and a few touch ups for slight rattles inside (Under warranty) and it looked as good as new.

secret entourage project mafia boss

Project Mafia BOSS will be sponsored by:

Formula Dynamics: Formula Dynamics is a premier tuning store catering to all Italian marquees, they design, manufacture, test and create some of today’s finest aftermarket technology for the world of Italian exotic cars. Formula Dynamics will be providing Secret Entourage with its self created and Maserati lowering springs and Duo Select Module. The suspension which is meant to improve handling as well as provide the perfect look for those very unique ADV1 Wheels will be a significant improvement for our car. The Duo Select Module on the other hand will help us bring the true Ferrari transmission back to life with faster shifts and increased throttle response, a must have for any Maserati owner.

Larini Exhaust: Larini will work with Secret Entourage through Formula Dynamics to provide us with exhaust for our car and will ensure that the car sounds as great as it looks. The system will be their fully polished quad tip system and will enhance the rear looks while ensuring that crisp Ferrari sound is heard through tunnels everywhere. We will include many sound bits of this exhaust for all of you to hear and judge for yourself.

ADV1 Wheels: Our Friends Jordan and Miguel which you have all heard of by now at ADV1 Wheels will be bringing us a very unique set of wheels custom made for this particular project. We will be taking one of their existing wheel designs from their Trackspec line, the ADV8.0, in 3 piece and will be converting the lip to their original Deep Concave setup, creating a look unlike none other. The finish will be in matte black for the spokes and Gloss black for the lips, keeping our Mafia theme throughout. We have decided to go with a 22″ size and are running a wide 10.5 rear wheel. Expect EPIC photography and marketing from both ADV1 and Secret once installed.

Nitto Tires: Nitto tires was a sponsor of our CLS55 AMG “Executive” project and will be back now providing us with their amazingly good looking Nitto Invo tires. We are going with a 245 Front and 295 Rear. These tires are a tremendous value for aftermarket wheels and look just as good as any performance tires.

Klutch22: Klutch22 will remain the car locator sponsor for this project and will ensure everyone can always find out which events Secret Entourage will be present at and more importantly if Project Mafia BOSS will be there.

Kim’s Auto Upholstery: Mr. Kim will be working with us to redo the entire interior of this amazing Maserati. Currently our entire car is black including stitching and piping but will be converted to a Gucci leathered black interior with White piping and tubing. This interior element will create contrast and create a new level of luxury inside the cabin that will be accented with the piano wood and generous amount of suede.

SkinWraps: Last but not least, SkinWraps will be helping us by finishing off our car at the end of our project phases with a Matte Black full body wrap. This will be the last modification which will retire our car and transition us into a new project all together.

There you have it! The project has officially commenced and the sponsors finalized. Make sure to check out all of those amazing companies for all your Maserati or exotic car needs. Keep following our full build in all the upcoming months. We are very excited as we once again will undertake a car that not many have been able to “get right” and just as we did with Project Aston Heaven, the results will simple STOP traffic. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for video updates and stay tuned monthly!

Join us next month, as we discuss exhaust options and let you hear how our car sounds!