Project Maserati Quattroporte “Mafia BOSS” – Phase 4

mafia boss

Last month we went over the perfect way to lower a Quattroporte to give Mafia BOSS that perfect stance. Despite the fact that many are hesitant to even tweak their Maserati as they are such a perfect blend of performance, reliability and beauty; we still feel like there is much room for improvement. This month we talk efficiency by showing you how tweaking the basic existing components of the car like the ECU and TCU can help wake up a side of your Maserati you didn’t know existed. Formula Dynamics once again steps up to the plate to help us with the performance side of things…

project mafia boss

The Quattroporte GT offers a very attractive proposition by giving you all you would love about a Ferrari F1 car, including Italian styling, performance and craftsmanship but with the ability of 4 doors and reliability. The real issue on the factory spec GT is the de-tuned ECU and slower shifting transmission geared to a comfortable ride, rather than a performance driven approach a la Ferrari F430 style.

Formula Dynamics does great at making sure the QP gets the tweaks it needs to become the perfectly balanced 4 door. The ECU we utilized not only increase HP but also helped significantly with throttle response and torque making our combination of modifications come to life. The TCU on the other hand is the perfect mod that everyone with a QP must do immediately . Let us go further and say that everyone with a Maserati should do this.  The two immediate noticeable changes from this mod are the quicker shifts and the smoother shifts. Both making the car so much quicker, more comfortable and more fun to drive.

The TCU is a must for any owners regardless of what the purpose of the car might be. The ECU on the other hand is a must for all car enthusiasts who feel they need that extra boost of power to keep up with those 09 GTS models or so.

Make sure to check out Formula Dynamics for all your Maserati power needs…

secret entourage maserati quattroporte

Photo Credits: Jason Stewart