Project M6 “Silver Bullet” Phase 5 – The Mistakes

Every project has its fair shares of mistakes and ours was no different. In most cases, we would hide these mistakes as it would be embarrassing but in this case we want to show you the reality and costs behind a project and are not looking for glory but rather the truth! Project Silver Bullet‘s sole purpose was to take the affordable approach behind the project and show how you can drive a 6 figure car and mod it at an affordable price before letting it go to recoup your profits. As stated earlier, complications occurred half way through our project…

The hardest part of doing a project like “Silver Bullet” is that the M6 has been done by so many tuners already that you are competing with so many variables of the same car. The hardest part of the equation for us was looking for an affordable set of wheels and tires from various sources so that money would not become the reason why our project was successful! We always strive to look for used parts first, simply due to the cheaper aspect and often parts that have been barely used are floating around ready to be snatched for cheap.

Having been forced to pay a bit more than we wanted for our wheels, we looked for a cheaper route to get our tires. Thanks to an member by the screen name of Alexjan23 we were able to attain a set of used tires in 21″ form. Alexjan23 told us the tires had slight scratches due to having been unmounted but worked just great. We usually check everything when it arrives but in this case not having our wheels yet, we decided to leave everything in its packaging and just check once we received our wheels from D2 Forged. When the time finally came to mount and install our ‘new’ tires on our D2 Forged Mb1, we were highly disappointed in finding that AlexJan23 had scammed us and sold us some worn out old tires which showed clear signs of dry rotting, a bald spot from hard braking and major cracks due to un-mounting.  Tires were unusable and we had just been scammed out of $300 which could have been worst but nonetheless a mistake. If you are on the boards, then be wary of Alexjan23 or Robert Darvadian.

Another mistake we made was underestimating the power of poor service and bad tuner shops not willing to help.  We found ourselves without tires and now needed a set of 21″ tires of the hardest to find sizes and only had three days to do so. We had reached out to many shops, all with outrageous prices and false promises. We finally reached out to Jon at Wheels Boutique who found us a set of Pirelli rear tires in just one day and happened to have found the front ones on eBay for a low cost.

Long story short, picking the right wheels and tires without breaking a budget has been a nightmare which is now long over but was worth the hassle as you can see from the pics. See you next month when we break down the power of our new Meistershaft GT2 Exhaust…


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