Project M6 “Silver Bullet” Phase 3 – The Right Mods

Last month we covered how we were able to obtain the right M6 at the right price, and we showed you the power of negotiation. This month we move past that and jump straight into our project M6 and let the modding begin. We are going to show you how we obtained some cool mods for our car at a very reasonable price and how the smallest details can make the biggest difference.

We did remain on point that this project is about saving money. Rather than having the most modified car out there with hand selected custom built parts but a budget high end car with the right look at the right price.
For our first series of mods we simply decided to attack the simpler components first and went searching for the following parts from various sources:

Kidney Grilles: Black kidney grilles seriously enhance the look of the M6 and cost nothing to install, but bring out the carbon fiber roof and black mirrors really well.

Side Grilles: Black side grilles are simply a must when coupled with the kidney grilles.

We searched on M6 Board for about two weeks until we found a member selling his blacked out kidney grilles and side grilles for 50% off their value. We picked up both sets for $130.

Carbon Front lip: Nice and cheap we went through Ebay and found seller Carbon Lovers front lip to be an attractive offered at $300 shipped.

Suspension: Coilovers are ultimately the way to go on the M6 but staying on a budget, we couldn’t afford to pay $3000 for a set and opted out to a set of Eibach springs. Nice and cheap but does the job for now.

We went through Tire Rack for this one as their prices were fair and the springs arrived quickly. The cost on the springs was just at $320 shipped. We reached out to Exotic Car Specialties for our install and as always Josh took care of us and hooked us up nicely with a discount making our install fall right under $500. Total spent to lower our M6: $820

Exhaust: For our exhaust, we went with Meisterschaft GT2 exhaust which is by far one of the more favored exhausts used by many M6 owners and does really well for its resell value. The system sells for about $3500 which is too much for us poor Secret Entourage people and decided to go online looking for a used one and believe it or not found 2 locally at $1700 and negotiated one of them via Craigslist at $1400.

LCI Angel Eyes: As small as an upgrade this is, it is a must and at $99, we could not pass on some bright LCI upgraded angel eyes. We decided to buy new as the cost was small and used lights are a waste of money.

Small mods which render big results, which brings our tally by the end of the month is at a total of $2450 to date. Join us next month as we show you some serious D2 Wheels and some sick carbon fiber upgrades at discount.