The Law Of Attraction For Entrepreneurs

If you’ve never heard about The Law of Attraction (LoA) before, or never watched the movie The Secret, the basically explanation is as follows:

“Your thoughts are made up of energy. And when you have positive thoughts, you attract positive experiences into your life. When you hold negative thoughts, you attract negative experiences into your life.”

I’ll begin with a story to show how this has worked for my life…

I remember it was the summer of 2014 when I first heard of the LoA. As a practice, I was told to write down an ideal day in the life or a goal of mine, in the present tense, as if I already have it.

August 2014

In my writing, I put down that I was on top of a bluff overlooking the beautiful Pacific ocean, with a palm tree in front of me, with no worries of where I needed to be, and no care in the world. My full story was 3 pages long.

I placed a date on this, of July 25th, 2015.

July 24th, 2015

One year later, I was wrapping up a road trip from Phoenix, Arizona, through the Grand Canyon, Vegas, and Los Angeles. The trip was initiated by a girl I went to college with back in New York, and when we got to her friend’s apartment in LA – there was no room for me, so I was going to head back to Phoenix that night.

Turns out a major interstate bridge collapsed the week before, and I had to stay in a hotel that night, taking the long way home through San Diego, Yuma, and then back to my apartment in Phoenix the following day.

While driving through San Diego, some feeling in my gut pulled me down one exit of the highway, and to Cabrillo National Monument.

While I was taking pictures, I saw a lighthouse by the ocean in the distance, so I climbed up the bluff, and before I knew it, not only was everything just like I described, but the exact picture I created in my mind from a year before was right in front of me.

  • The trip was initiated by someone else.
  • The place I was going to stay at didn’t work out at the last minute.
  • A major interstate bridge collapsed, forcing me to take a new way home.

And on July 25th, 2015 – I was in the exact scene that played out on a story I wrote to myself on a piece of paper a year earlier.

To fully understand this, you’ll have to dive into a more spiritual way of looking at the life you live (and not the type where you get all religious).

How The Law of Attraction Works

At the very core, below our cells, below our atoms, our bodies are made up of energy.

Energy attracts similar energy.

When you get in the mental and emotional state of already having what you desire, the energy in your body attracts experiences and opportunities into your life at that level.

Do you ever notice that when your day starts off bad, things continue to go bad? Or when something great happens, it’s like you’re on an upward spiral of success and things continue to go great?

Step 1 – See, hear, and feel (internally) as if you already have what you want.

An important thing to understand is that the unconscious mind can’t process a negative. So if you focus on “not” being broke, or “not” being single, that focus alone tends to keep your awareness on being broke or single.

Be very specific.

What exactly do you want in your life? Think of a goal that is 6-12 months in the future, and write down the goal that you have.

Step 2 – Pull the goal to the present moment.

When you begin to study meditation and other spiritual practices, they say that it’s always the present moment, and the past/future are nothing more than thoughts in your mind.

  • When you read this, now, the time is…now.
  • And when you are reading this, the time is still…now.

When you think of your life not in terms of time, but in movement of energy, you will begin to understand the concept a little clearer.

When I took my NLP Practitioner Training program, we learned about a concept called Timeline Therapy – A great book on that topic is by NLP Practitioner Tad James.

Basically, if the past and future are nothing more than thoughts in our mind, how do we tell the difference between the past and the future? The answer is that we store these memories on our Timeline.

The timeline is when we bring up a visual representation in our imagination about a past or future event, and we notice that they are stored in a line, somewhere in relation to our body.

Two common timelines are as follows:

  • The past is stored behind us, the future is stored in front of us.
  • The past is stored to our left, the future is stored to our right.

When you think of something that happened 3-6 months ago, where is that memory located in relation to your body? To the left, behind you, somewhere else? It may take some getting used to, but you can usually feel where that memory is coming from… I won’t go into too much detail on this, but it’s a very powerful tool when you learn how to access your timeline.

The main lesson to be learned here is that it is only the present moment, and the past/future are nothing more than thoughts in your mind. This is why the second part of the process is to pull the specific goal you set out for yourself from the future into the present moment.

  1. Write it down as if you already have it.
  2. In your mind, see, hear, and feel as if you already have it.
  3. Feel the emotions of already having what you desire.

Feeling these emotions is what they call your Vibrational Frequency. It’s like when you’re listening to the radio in your car and you’re tuned into 100.3. While the music playing on 107.5 is broadcasting through the airwaves all along, you can only experience the music when you are tuned into 107.5 (you won’t hear it where you are now). When you shift your frequency to 107.5, you can finally listen to the music you want to listen to.

The Law of Attraction is the same way.

When you get in the emotional state of already having what you desire, you are tuned into the frequency of having exactly that. The question you must ask yourself is can you 100% see and feel as if you already have it? Or is anything getting in the way?

99.9% feeling it is not enough, and when I work with my clients, I don’t stop until I get to 100%.

If the answer is not 100%, continue…

Step 3 – Release any negative emotions getting in the way.

My NLP mentor used the following analogy about positive affirmations…

“Positive affirmations are like taking a pile of dog sh**, covering it in frosting, and calling it a cupcake.”

Translation: The positive affirmations cover up negative emotions that you need to release.

The negative emotions and the fears you have about failure get in the way. Using techniques such as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Timeline Therapy (read the book by Tad James), you instantly release any negative emotions that get in the way so you can 100% feel as if you already have it.

This aligns you with the vibrational frequency of the life you want to live. When you reach the point where you 100% feel as if you already have it (internally)…

Step 4 – Act on Opportunities

This is where you have to trust in the process.

When you do this, you’ll immediately notice opportunities that come your way within the first 24-48 hours of getting into the emotional state of already having what you want.

While most of the Law of Attraction people think that their new Lamborghini will magically manifest in front of them, they miss the most important part of the equation.

Take Action.

Opportunities will come your way and be attracted to you.

When they come, act on them.


I used to be skeptical about the Law of Attraction.

I see all the spiritual people out there who do positive affirmations, and never take the action needed to get the life they want. But since we are entrepreneurs, we already know how to take the action, we already have the skills needed to build a successful business.

But by adding that extra step, and releasing the negative emotions from that dogs*t cupcake, and trusting in the process, I acted on the opportunities that came my way without hesitation or delay, and they have always led me to my goals.

I understand if this is your first time hearing about this, or if you’ve been skeptical in the past, the spiritual language may sound a little “out there” for you. But The first time I used EFT to release the negative emotions with my mentor, I landed a $6,000/year freelance graphic design contract the following day.

The night before I wrote this, I did the same process, and I just received a message for someone who might want to acquire my first business.

If you are interested in learning more about releasing the negative emotions that get int he way, and if you’re already taking action on growing your business, enter it in the comments below or feel free to reach out to me personally at and I’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Andrew Alexander is a Master NLP Practitioner and the founder of Limitless Academy, helping early and mid-stage entrepreneurs quickly overcome the mental and emotional struggles of starting and growing their businesses. Andrew has helped thousands of entrepreneurs gain clarity in the direction of their business, overcome fears, procrastination, and limiting beliefs utilizing the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience and psychology.