Keep on Knocking Those Doors Down


You know those inspirational and motivational quotes, images and videos you see all over the internet and social media streams? Yes, the ones that most likely annoy the heck out of some of you, or sound so cheesy you’ve just vomited in your mouth a bit. I realise these OTT (over the top) phrases may seem like the biggest ‘BS’ the world has produced, however they do stand for something. At least in the life of an entrepreneur, or someone, who wants to break barriers and create something new.

Let’s face it; life of an entrepreneur really is ‘a roller coaster’

If you are an entrepreneur, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

If you are thinking of becoming one, I hope you love amusement parks and the rather speedy rides they have to offer. Either way, you are definitely up for the ride of your life! And I mean this in the best way possible.

As an entrepreneur, you will experience highs, you will experience lows. You are not always going to know what comes next. Nothing is predictable. Being an entrepreneur is certainly the most volatile way of life you could choose, however I promise you – you will never have a dull moment again.

Despite the excitement and fast pace in the life of an entrepreneur, we do sometimes need to calm down, reflect and re-charge our batteries. These are the moments, when a little bit of help from a friend or a third party, may come in handy. Yes, now I’m referring to the ‘inspirational and motivational’ stuff out there.

From time to time, a little kick up the arse won’t actually hurt. We may draw it from various sources such as our own support networks, mentors, our partners, our colleagues or indeed the internet and it’s hundreds of guidance giving articles, e-books or simple ‘straight to the point’ quotes.

The beauty and the beast called Freedom

Perhaps all of us ultimately long for freedom in its various shapes and forms. One way to achieve a certain kind of freedom is to embark on the road of an entrepreneur. But it does come with a cost (like most things in life do).

Owning and running your own business means you have the freedom to decide your direction. You have the freedom to choose what kind of business future you will have; will you go for growth? Will you go for the lifestyle?

You have the freedom to decide if you get up in the morning (and make your business happen!) or if you let is crumble under pressure. You have the option to push yourself out of your comfort zone, or stay there (and probably fail). You are responsible, you are accountable. If you are ready to put the extra (long) mile in that most won’t, you are ready. One way I could describe it all is almost like a festival experience; you will feel on top of the world, you will be happy, you will be the boss of yourself… however at times, you will get muddy, you will get your hands dirty and you will take the cold shower now and then. But I assure you, it’s worth the whole package.


As business owners, we all look for success, we all want a breakthrough and a long-term sustainability (at least until we want to sell and exit that is).

But that breakthrough won’t come without some knocking on doors, perhaps even banging on doors. Sometimes we need to build a door ourselves.

In order to achieve success, we need to work hard for it, we need to set goals and reach them systematically. It’s also important to realise that success cannot be achieved or ‘felt’ without some failures. How do you know what success is or feels like, if you’ve never failed at all? Take failures as learning opportunities and embrace them.

Saija Mahon is the founder of Mahon Digital Marketing Ltd, an international, award-winning digital media agency that helps growing global businesses to achieve their sales targets by utilising advanced technologies and strategic tactics in the ever expanding online environment.