Is The American Dream Really Dead?

I came to America in 1997, and it certainly wasn’t with a suitcase or a dream.

I simply came here with my mother, no money, and the hope that success was possible in this country.

While many have come here with hopes and dreams, we had come here with no expectations other than the opportunity to work, and an opportunity to try to succeed.

For those of you that don’t know me, here is an opportunity to watch a short video to give you some background and context.



Today, that so called “American Dream” is very different for many people.

The school system has changed and is no longer a guarantee of a great job, even if you graduate from an expensive university.

Jobs on today’s market are no longer opportunities to move up the ladder as they were 20 years ago.

A new breed of false opportunities and hopes has been steering people away from their full potential and instead into a never ending loop of “What’s next?”

So I guess that the American Dream could be considered dead today, but I guess it’s also about expectations.

You see I have a different theory on the topic.

I think the American Dream is VERY much alive and it has started to spread to the entire globe.

It has done so simply because we live in a connected world where the playing field has been expanded from one country to one planet.

The opportunity has expanded and as a result may seem harder to find.

The dream is no longer the American Dream, but rather the global opportunity.

It’s no longer about the conventional expectations, but rather about the unexpected successes.

From my very first job as a telemarketer at 14 to building an $80M company, from writing a blog post to writing 12 books (2 best sellers), and from knowing nothing about online marketing to owning some of the most powerful and niche online education platforms…

…I have come to realize that life comes down to choosing a destination, setting expectations of yourself, being willing to do the work while connecting with others.

All of this may sound like common sense, but it is misleading to confuse life’s simplicity with its ease.

In 2008, I founded the Secret Entourage organization to help make future Entrepreneur’s lives easier.

To give access and direction to those who knew they were ready to be part of this new upcoming global opportunity, but lacked direction, education and connections into this world.

With the rapid expansion of access to information, it has become harder to decipher good vs marketed information.

For me, I was never a fan or learning from teachers and textbooks, but instead found my education by speaking to incredible people who had done incredible things.

I felt like people who had real world experiences would be able to share more meaningful and needed information, almost like taking an entire semester course in college, but in just 30 minutes.

This has now grown to an organization with over 35,000 members from across the globe and over 400+ incredible mentors/teachers who care about your success.

Today, you have now become one of such members and I look forward to helping you on your journey as you can one day give back and perhaps become a teacher as well.

Welcome to Secret Entourage and thank you for choosing the road less travelled, the road to becoming a real Entrepreneur.

– Pejman Ghadimi
CEO/ Founder of Secret Entourage