Panatime X Lum-Tec = The Perfect Watch

Panatime, the leader in aftermarket straps has teamed up with Secret Entourage on a very special project to design straps specific to the Lum-Tec Secret Entourage M49 and M51 watches. As you may have seen in our previous posts about the Secret Entourage Lum-tec watches, the original straps are nice but a very simple black on black and rarely command attention. We reached out to Panatime to come up with a variety of straps we can use on our M49 and M51 Secret Entourage Lum-tecs.

It took Panatime a few weeks but the results are striking, they sent us a series of straps that we are sure you’ll enjoy if you own an M49, M50, or M51. Enjoy these awesome straps.

Lum-tec M51 on custom orange strap.

panatime lum-tec strap

Lum-tec M51 on custom calf material orange strap.

Lum-tec M49 watches on dark brown straps.

panatime straps for lumtec watches

Lum-tec M49 watches on dark brown leather straps.

Lum-tec M51 with Panatime vintage strap.

panatime straps

Lum-tec M51 with Panatime vintage strap.

tire tread strap

lumtec strap

Lumtec M59 on a rubber tire tread strap.

Make sure to get your straps for your high line watches as well as all your Lum-tec watches at Panatime and make sure to use coupon code ‘secret2’ for additional savings on your LUM-TEC order online.

panatime watch straps