LUM-TEC V Series – V4 Rose Gold Review

Its now been a few years since LUM-TEC has been around, and around that time is when Chris and his team caught our attention with their great work. Amazing watches, great quality, and unbeatable support, all for a great price. For the past few years LUM-TEC has partnered with Secret Entourage to bring you some amazing Secret Entourage versions of some of the most popular LUM-TEC models. Make no mistake that 2013 will be no exception. Keep reading for a review of the new V4 model and a coupon worth 10% off…

For 2013, Secret Entourage picked the new V series. The V series by LUM-TEC is a very different kind of watch. It provides somewhat of a familiar feeling but yet remains entirely original in every way. We decided prior to bringing to life the Secret Entourage version with LUM-TEC, that we would review the existing line of V series automatics and for the first time-share the unique Secret Entourage discount coupon for everyone.


Absolutely hands down the nicest LUM-TEC ever designed in our opinion. Superb case quality, great dial details, and vibrant colors all blended together makes this LUM-TEC their nicest one to date. At first glance, the case has somewhat of an Audemars Piguet feel and look. When you look closely however you only get a familiar look as the design elements are entirely different than the AP Royal Oak line. The familiarity is a blend of a Cartier Roadster and an AP Royal Oak, giving it a very classy and upscale look. Our particular version shown in the pictures is rose gold casing on black dial with rose gold numerals. The overall combination along with the black band and orange stitching create a very upscale yet casual look. This look actually reminds us of how a Hublot Watch wears in terms of wrist size (44-45mm) and also in its semi casual looks.


Our LUM-TEC V4 sports a Japanese Automatic Movement which allows long lasting quality coupled with lower pricing. This is a very popular ETA used in other LUM-TEC models, which to this date, has been very reliable and kept time very well. One of the best features of LUM-TEC Watches from any standpoint is how well they keep time. From our past 2 models, one of which is quartz and the other automatic, we have had not a single issue with LUM-TEC’s functions, time keeping, and reliability.


We paid under a $1,000 for our LUM-TEC V4 Automatic. This was pre-order pricing coupled with our coupon code giving you 10% off all LUM-TEC watches. When we review watches under a $1,000 we tend to not compare them to other more established brands like Hublot, AP, or Panerai but rather focus on similar segment watches like Orient, Seiko, etc…

In this particular case, we can say that based on three different LUM-TEC watches we have owned, they do get attention and compliments everywhere. The main component, however, that makes the new LUM-TEC V4 worth every penny is its character and originality. It doesn’t make excuses in any department and despite showcasing some similarities, it does a great job at having it own character.

Make sure to contact LUM-TEC and order your V4 here. Make sure to use coupon code “Secret2” for a great discount on a great watch, and lookout in 2013 for Secret Entourage’s very own LUM-TEC V series.