Dievas Focal Diving Watch Review

dievas watches

Months ago we reviewed the Graf Zeppelin, a very dressy entry level watch that was great value for the money.  This month we follow the same theme of great value for the money, yet we take you in the world of Dievas Diving Watches.

As the majority of the world, we didn’t even know until recently that Dievas Watches existed or know anything about them.  We actually enjoy the fact that we help everyone discover great affordable watches that are unknown rather than just typical high line models we are all very familiar with.

dievas watches

Dievas makes tactical watches, similar to a Kobold, Sinn, Damakso and others but with a price point around $1,000.  With the Dievas Focal, the brand is delving into the hardcore dive watch market.  They are proving the world that a even if a fine German made these dive watches, that it does not need to cost several thousand dollars to deliver what the customer is looking for.

dievas watches

As you may have seen from our previous reviews, we are not really rugged watch people but rather enjoy finer pieces that can be worn with suits or through a business casual look.  This particular watch, however, despite being a diver watch, holds a lot of visual appeal.  A large 44mm+ case, made from Dievas’ proprietary 6-Steel scratch resistant material brings a level of sophistication to this watch, and despite looking similar to the design of Omega’s Planet Ocean line, it holds enough differences to not be considered a copy.  Although 6-steel is not a coating applied to the watch, but rather a hardening process that yields a material that is very difficult to scratch – ensuring the Focal will always look new.  The 4mm thick anti-glare coated sapphire crystal will also resist scratching.

Starting with the presentation, the watch arrives in a Pelican style dive case, telling you this watch is meant for one thing – diving.  Inside the case, protected in foam, sits the Dievas Focal (mounted on an anti-static rubber strap with machined stainless steel deployment clasp), tools to change the strap, which also includes dress leather strap, booklet, and warranty card.

dievas watches

The watch itself feels really nice and comfortable, heavy but not too heavy, large but not too large.  The finish is very well done giving the watch a much nicer high-end look than a rugged piece.  It looks expensive, but with a distinct purpose.  The clasp also continues in titanium with a clean deployment.

dievas watches

Overall this a great piece for any diver, functional, great looking and aware of its weight.  The 6-Steel look is much more appreciated than a PVD setup and very clean to look at.  If you are looking for an affordable high quality diving watch, then please reach out to Marc at Island Watch to learn more about Dievas Watch history and models he has for sale.  Make sure to use the  coupon SEC-5 for a discount on the Dievas Focal.

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