Visa Black Card Attempt

First was American Express Centurion Card with its invite only card that required $250,000 worth of annual spending and had a $2500 annual fee.

Everyone knows that you respect anyone that takes out an AMEX black card from their wallet. The card is famously known for having unlimited spending limits and being carried by just about any celebrity.

Now comes the newest attempt geared to get the market between $50,000-$200,000 of annual spending and only a $500 annual fee.

Visa Black Card

Its the VISA Black Card, and its made of carbon! It can easily be distinguished and is geared at about 1% of the population. Visa however does not use your annual spending as a min requirement, instead this card is heavily based on your Credit Score (sources tell us 760+) along with your income ($150,000+) and other financial information. The card in exchange will give you: 1% cash back on purchases, exclusive gifts you actually want, priority on cust service issues (no automated service) and a private concierge. Personally, I wouldn’t use any of the above nor care for them and the factor remains that the card is not the AMEX black and does not have its prestige.

Another failed attempt at gaining customers…