Top 5 Best Exhaust Systems for Exotics

When it comes to sports cars, one of the easiest modifications you can do is improve the exhaust for several reasons. The number one reason will always be for sound. While there are dozens of exhausts available for the same car, they all will have a distinctive sound that is subjective to the end user. The second reason is for performance since exhaust systems are typically lighter than stock thanks to lightweight material and also beneficial in gaining extra horsepower thanks to unique free flowing designs. However, all exhausts are not created equal so here are the best exhaust systems on the market.

Conveniently located in Maranello Italy, just outside of Ferrari’s factory, Tubi have developed a unique relationship with the Italian manufacturers. Their co-founders, Fausto Lettieri and Enrico Ruini were previously race exhaust designers who decided to apply their extensive knowledge to streetcars. With each unit hand-crafted to very high standards, their team of roughly 40 skilled workers create both OE exhaust systems for many manufacturers as well as their race applications which you are likely more familiar with due to their beautiful sounds.


While Novitec’s performance and aero packages go far beyond just exhausts, there is no shortage of quality simply because they do more than one thing. With three premium brands catering to Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Maserati respectively, they have a complete tuning program for almost every recent model from those makes. Their exhaust systems are made from Formula One grade lightweight Inconel. This produces maximum weight savings, heat dissipation, and power.


With all of their facilities located right in the USA, Fabspeed is without a doubt the top exhaust manufacturer for exotics in the States. Their main building outside of Philadelphia houses over 30,000 square feet of engineering, sales, and warehouse space with an additional 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space throughout the country. Not only do they manufacture exhaust systems for all major makes, they have a dedicated sales staff to source everything from computer tunes to suspension to wheels, and their master technicians can perform all services in-house. Utilizing the best CNC mandrel bent stainless steel and aluminum available, plus genuine German HJS racing 200-cell catalytic converters, their systems are backed by a lifetime warranty.


Yokohama, Japan is not the first place that comes to mind when we think about exotic car part manufacturing. What started as a used car dealer in 1971 in Osaka quickly evolved into service and importing of exotic cars like the Lotus Super 7s and Nobile Ferrari P4s. In 1999, the Kreissieg performance division came to life designing custom valvetronic exhausts. Made by hand, of course, one special element of Kreissieg designs is that they use a bypass valve that is a larger diameter than the pipe itself, this ensures maximum flow by taking the restriction of the butterfly into account and out of the equation. Their full-service facility also handles complete maintenance, custom builds, bodywork, and more. Definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in Japan.

Kline Innovation

Although they are a young company, Kline Innovation has seriously impressed us with their bespoke exhaust line. Partners Felix and Christian are using state-of-the-art engineering methods, laser sintering, 3D modelling, acoustic and fluid dynamic modelling, and some radical, revolutionary new concepts in exhaust design. All this results in state of the art exhaust systems, which tick all the right boxes, The lightest systems on the market, with the largest power gains, and many testimonials to a unique sound which is unrivaled in its raw beauty! Hand assembled in-house in Bucharest, with F1-grade Inconel 625, Titanium, and Carbon fiber, to engineer effective and beautiful components, built to motorsport and formula one grade specification.