Spyker C8

spyker c8 aileron

The new Spyker is here and the wait was worth it. For those of you that are not familiar with Spyker, it is a Dutch car manufacturer that used to build planes, and certain exclusive cars. Their cars are very unique and display craftsmanship like Bugatti but at a fraction of the cost, regardless to say it will still cost you south of $300,000 to put one in your garage but will make you feel much better after you realize that none of your neighbors have one. This latest Spyker C8 is no different than the previous Spyker, it retains the beautiful lines that made the original car a success worldwide while boasting much newer LED technology and a much more powerful V8. The Spyker C8 is expected to also keep the world famous exhaust note that made the original the best sounding V8 in the world.

spyker c8 side

The C8 Aileron Spyder is a work of art, from the custom made interiors made of steel and diamond shaped Gucci leather and suede, the car simply screams money. The details on the new one make it even more stunning than its predecessor but doesn’t destroy the old one’s image as the chassis remains the same. The classic meets exotic look is simply unique and will draw attention anywhere, especially when the Lamborghini style scissor doors go up.

The drivetrain remains the same as the previous generation but the power output comes from an Audi sourced V8, which we believe to simply be a reconfigured Audi R8  4.2L motor that produces over 400HP. The car will still be available as a 6 speed or as paddle shifting automatic, which we believe to be Audi’s R-tronic in disguise.The car will also feature massive AP brakes hidden behind those beautiful 19″ space blade wheels.

spyker c8 aileron spyder

Ahead of the CNC-machined aluminum luggage rack and integrated roll-bars, a tonneau cover houses a soft-top (available in eight colors) and glass window that’s deployed using an electric/hydraulic system and latched with a single mechanism. The biggest improvement that Spyker has announced will be the stereo system offered by world renowned Kharma, and will redefine the sound system era for exotics everywhere. Expect sales to begin in early 2010 with 40-50% of all production Spyker C8 cars to end up in the US. Keep your eyes open as Secret Entourage is attempting very hard to find our very own Spyker C8 and start modding early 2010.

spyker c8 spyder aileron