Six Aventador Photoshoot

What do app developers, a real estate investor, a fashion designer, a retiree and some random dude have in common? As you may have guessed it, they all own an Aventador.  Since we first featured Allen Wong with his newly ordered Aventador  last year,  it seems like more people are catching on to the amazing performance of the LP700, including Jordan Swerdloff who recently sold his 458 Italia for a white one as well.  Even though the Aventador LP700 is still holding its value in the low $400k for the coupe and over half a million for the roadster, it still seems to be the car of choice. More so now that Britney Spears has jumped on the bandwagon too.

Secret Entourage Photographer Derek Walker had the privilege of shooting 6 of these beasts together at a NY Private airport for your viewing pleasure. While a few pics from this shoot may have been leaked before, little is ever told of those driving the cars as they tend to somehow stay secretive about what they do. Since we at Secret Entourage believe in inspiring people to understand what allows you to achieve these luxuries that very few enjoy, we decided to break down the color and the profession.

The orange and green car belong to Phil and Will, who both happen to be App Developers and who seem to both have dropped out of school at a young age. The Red one belongs to Roger who happens to be a real estate investor, while the Grey one belongs to Oliver, a Fashion designer from NY.

We don’t seem to know however what Mark with the blue one and Miguel with the white did for a living, other than they are retired. Anyone wants to help us by finding out?