Porsche Sportec SPR1 M

Sportec 997 Turbo

Sportec is headed for Geneva in a big way. The tuner will showcase the Sportec SPR1 M, a suspected hurricane of a car based on the Porsche “997” 911 Turbo model. This is a seriously exclusive car in that only 10 will ever be produced. Sportec has rebuilt the car from the ground up using mainly carbon fiber thus ensuring an exceptional power-to-weight ratio. The power figure for the T80 M engine package itself is 858hp (631kW) and maximum torque is 880Nm. No performance figures are available yet but judging from the previous version of the car, the SPR1, fans are in for a real treat. The SPR1 made just over 800hp (588kW) and covered the 0 – 100km/h dash in 3 seconds, 0 – 200km/h in 8.6 seconds and 0 – 300km/h in 18.9 seconds. The SPR1 M is even more powerful and is very light. Therefore it should comfortably break the 3 second mark on that sprint as well as the other figures.

Not content with this type of armoury Sportec is to introduce several other cars at Geneva. These include the Audi RS 6-based Sportec RS700 and the Sportec SP750 which is based on the 997 GT2 and packs a 750hp (552KW), 850Nm kit. Lastly Sportec will demonstrate their will to not only provide powerful cars but to be kinder to the environment by unveiling the SP550 mc (mean+clean) that uses a 3.6-litre biturbo engine with gas injection.

Sportec 997 Turbo


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