Mansory Tuning

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Kourosh Mansory, the founding owner of Mansory always had a passion for British luxury cars and their special flair. He therefore spent many years in England and also feels a personal re-sponsibility towards automobile values such as tradition, craftsmanship and well-engineered technology. Already in 1989 when he set up his business, he focused on brands like Rolls Royce, Bentley and Aston Martin. Mid 2001, the company moved from Munich to the Fichtelgebirge.

The new company headquarters are situated in Brand a little town near Bayreuth which is world famous for the annual Richard Wagner Festival. In Brand, the experienced team develops and produces high-end tuning in all branches concerning individual automotive engineering.

Production on a state-of-the art level and masterly manufacture and the finest materials – these are the quality standards of MANSORY GmbH. The basis of the MANSORY technology range are designed aerodynamics programmes, ultralight aluminium rims and powerful engine performance enhancements. High-quality accessories and stylish interior equipments complete the range. MANSORY interior equipments render comfort and superiority for any style, racy or extravagant or noble.

With more than 60 employees, MANSORY fulfills nearly every automobile dream of its exclusive clientele. In Germany and by selected foreign distributors all over the world.

The Mansory Cooperation GmbH only offers their own developed customization-accessories exclusively, we don’t trade or sell complete automobiles.

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