Klutch22 – Real Life Need For Speed?

When we recently visited Canada, we went to a car meet to see the kind of flavor that Canada lives by, especially knowing our friend Tony of SR Auto Group is out there. We found that many of the cars at the meet had a weird sticker as though they belonged in a club, but we learned something interesting and quite intriguing and so we decided to bring it back to the states and share it with you all. It’s what we describe as the real life version of the video game “Need For Speed” and is quite interesting if you own a nice car and enjoy going out driving with friends or foes.  As we were leaving, we got to meet Julien Noel, one of the creators of Klutch22, the world’s first real time car locator…

Klutch22 has been taking Canada by storm and all the major players there are using it, but what specifically does it do that makes it hotter than the other apps out there that act as locator devices?

Julien Noel tells us all about Klutch22…

What is Klutch22? How did you come up with the idea?

KLUTCH22 is a real time car locator, about a year ago or so I got tired of driving around looking for things to do or people to just go cruising with . It was simply annoying not knowing which car meets had the most cars that day present and which others ones I was missing by going to one versus the other. I thought to myself that it would cool if I had a solution to that would help bring car lovers together and make cruising more effective….Klutch22 was therefore born.  The idea at first was just to make it a car locator, but over time it became much more than this…It enables to you tag where you spot exotic cars in real time as well report police operations and road hazards. The cool part about the evolution is the ability to form car crews and organize events as crews that others can join in. It creates friendly rivalry for entertainment sake. As of today, Klutch22 is an iPhone App as well as a complete website, but we are currently working on Android and Blackberry applications. Klutch22 essentially creates a fun environment for  car riders everywhere and gives you a real chance to connect to the car world every time you leave your house.

Tell us about the team that works on it?

Klutch22’s team consist strictly of real car enthusiast, with myself acting as the owner and CEO, my friend Dany as the Co Owner and a true car encyclopedia and Gab and Louis doing all of our tech work. Once we came up with the logistics, we had a company based out of Quebec called Mirego do the application for us.

It seems like its pretty big in Canada? What makes it so hot for car users to use?

It started in Canada, but is quickly spreading in major cities across the US and Canada, but we are still ways from obtaining the real type of member base we want. Ideally we would have over 30,000 members that are always active, which would make for a spectacular time for all car drivers in all major cities. The main goal is to bring passionate riders together, from the business man with a Lambo to the entry level car drivers with JDM cars. Klutch22 is the best way to bring drivers together outside of your home. In today’s car world, forums and blogs dominate the coordination of events and also bring riders together in discussion over a computer, we are hoping to do different and bring people together live. There is one more aspect to it that we are hoping will spread around as much as the app itself. Just like Secret Entourage educates and motivates young people on how to be successful, we are hoping this app will encourage exotic car drivers that meet up with younger crowds to spread their knowledge and passion for cars therefore motivating people in person.

Where do you see it all going?

Klutch22 is available everywhere on the planet and can be used anywhere, but for now we are targeting car driven states in the US and Canada as more people are active drivers in those areas and therefore it makes more sense. As of today, Klutch22 has crews in Florida, Texas, California, New York and DC. We are postponing our marketing efforts in Canada as a result of the upcoming winter, but will be back full force in the spring. Come on and get on so we can all ride better together.

A big thank you to our friend Julien for sharing his app with us and taking the time to talk to us, its obvious to us that he is on to something and we look forward to using his app on our outings.

If you want to link up with Julien’s krew or the Secret Entourage crew, make sure to download the app free at www.klutch22.com or visit this iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/klutch22/id383739340?mt=8