SR Auto Group – Land Walker

Range Rovers have been redone over and over again by just about every tuner out in the market, yet very few come out with as much beauty and simplicity as Project Land Walker, an SR Auto Group masterpiece.  Featuring very subtle, yet effectively done modifications, Project Land Walker takes the crown as one of the most beautifully tuned full size Range Rovers of this latest generation of Rovers.

In 2009 Range Rover certainly stepped up its game redesigning the Range Rover Line, including the popular Sport and HSE models.  There were significant changes made to ensure Land Rover continues to dominate as a leader in the luxury SUV segment.  The changes despite looking subtle on the outside, are significant. Such as the stunning new interior featuring state of the art technology and interfaces like a fully digital dash that truly looks the part for a 6 figure SUV. However, the outside also showed huge signs of improvement, from the LED based adaptive headlights and taillights to the much more refined details of the grille. The car might look the same, but it certainly looks fresher and newer.  The major improvement with this latest range rover lies within its improved engine, AWD management and improved fuel economy which believe us was much needed.

Project Land Walker takes the Range Rover Marquis one step closer to perfection by enhancing just the missing details.  From the amazing 24″ Agetro W150 wheels in brushed silver to the bespoke front lip from Platinum Motorsport with a built in LED fog light system.

These small details take this already perfect SUV closer to what it was meant to look like straight from the factory.  Once again another amazing project by SR Auto group. For more info on project Land Walker visit SR Auto Group.