PUR Wheels – Beginnings of a Great Wheel Company

If you follow us, then you probably read the interview with our friends at PUR Wheels and saw some of those amazing projects they have been doing. From the amazing project Eagle Eye to the mind blowing multicolor LP670 SV, PUR Wheels has been making major progress in setting itself up as a contender in the exotic wheels market and will continue to grow in the next few years. Which direction will they take and will they make wheels for cars other than exotics? We asked Kevin of PUR Wheels to tell us more about his vision and how he sees it unfolding.

pur wheels audi r8

PUR Wheels has been very clear on differentiating itself from a mass market wheel by catering to a very high line breed of makes and models only. Offering limited wheel models in just about any configuration but focus on each and every project with a high level of attention. When PUR first launched, why did you guys choose to stay so limited to such a high level?

At the time, we looked at where the wheel industry was and where we wanted to be. There were a few key aspects that we based our decision upon. First, we weren’t interested in trying to squeeze into a highly competitive and saturated market. Most importantly, we kept our objectives at the forefront – which is to specialize in an area and not let the market valuation be the driving force behind our designs. With this in mind, we decided to step into a niche category and let our creativity pave the way.

pur wheels ferrari 458

pur wheels 5ive depth

Do you feel like there is a need around this make for options or was it simply a move driven by the passion of creating wheels for the best?

Our passion is design. We love what we do regardless if we are designing for a $20,000 sport compact or $200,000 exotic. Our choice to design exclusively was to try something that really hasn’t been done. We didn’t want to compromise our designs just for it to be mass produced or to accommodate 60 different vehicle applications. With a dedicated focus on a few select models, we could elevate the standard of fitment to perfection and have the ultimate in creative freedom.

pur wheels 458 italia

pur wheels ferrari 458

pur wheels 1ne depth

PUR still seems very new and hasn’t yet reached its public acceptance level but yet seems to be exclusively used by select tuning shops on a very limited basis.  Can you speak more to why it isn’t being introduced to ALL high line dealers? How does this play in the bigger picture of things?

PUR Wheels officially launched in June 2011. I think even we forget that we have only been operating for 10 months! We have managed to be visible in the public eye entirely because of our exclusive tuning partners. The expectation to be globally recognized and have a quality list of dealers representing PUR is our top priority. Our demographic is the top 5-8% of some of the most expensive machines in the world. With this number in mind, we understand that our expectations have to be realistic. With the tuning partners that we have selected, I believe we share a common artistic vision, business structure, a clear understanding of this exclusive market and what it takes to be successful within it.

pur wheels 2wo depth

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We see once in a while, a one off project like the SLS which doesn’t fit the original breed of cars PUR focused on but works very well for that one case. Are these one offs used to test acceptance into a market or simply used to demonstrate a wheel?

Neither. These are proposals either submitted to us by our tuning partners or on a select few, we have approached them to do a collaboration. We just want to take advantage of some of the amazing opportunities that are presented. I mean, how can we say no to seeing our wheels on a 2012 SLS AMG?

pur wheels sls amg

pur wheels sls amg

What is the hardest element of launching a new brand of wheels so far?

Designing without boundaries means pushing the dollar sign out of your head and ignoring what the industry says you can’t do. It is always a challenge to find balance between a favorable design and accepting what will actually do well in the market.

We are driven to change the perception of the modern wheel, but at the same time, we have to consider variables and assume the risk factor when launching the next game-changer. Ironically, this is what makes our job exhilarating and the reason why we’re here.

pur wheels porsche 997 turbo

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pur wheels lp670sv

A big thank you to Kevin at PUR Wheels for sharing more of his vision with us, make sure to keep up with more of PUR wheels’ new projects via their site and by following them on their social networks.

Check them out at PUR Wheels, Facebook,  & Flickr.