Project Range Rover SS by EVS Motors

Overfinch sport bodykit

Its not everyday that we like  a SUV or any sort of truck, but here is one Range Rover done so right by our friends at EVS Motors that we just had to share this beautiful Range Rover Sport with all of you. Many manufacturers and aftermarket wheel companies attempt to do Range Rovers, Porsche Cayennes and Cadillac Escalades with body kits and wheels and often fail due to the weird nature and stance that SUVs have when modified. EVS Motors on the other hand redefined sexy with this amazingly well done Range Rover Sport. Make sure to check out our full feature article on this SUV masterpiece.

Project Range Rover SS was a standard Range Rover Sport to begin with, it was a simple silver on black Range Rover Sport as we see each and every day on the road.  Despite the fact that Range Rovers are known to be the creme de la creme of SUV luxury and are associated with wealth, todays depreciation factors makes it a great bargain luxury car for your everyday drive.

Range Rover Sport

In its present form, the range rover sport is attractive but not as attractive as could be, instead it is practical and a performer. EVS Motors made sure that the truck would still be drivable after the project, despite of how good it was going to look. Project Range Rover SS starts with a ground effect kit from OverFinch, which is famous for some beautiful classy kits for the RR Sport.

The Overfinch kit features, new front and rear bumpers valances along with side skirts, but also hosts new rear exhaust tips which give the car a very unique and aggressive look and gets rid of all that plastic underneath that Range Rover put on the car in case of extreme weather conditions. The outside look is also changed by dumping all the original grills for some more aggressive grills from the Range Rover Stormer Model, along with some side grills from Strut Grills.

Overfinch kit on RR sport

EVS Motors delivers as always when it comes to wheels with their VIP modular VIR12 model in 22″ Specs, with color matched chrome center caps. Wheels are a must on any car and really make or break the car and in this case, these wheels were perfect, so perfect that I will go as far as to say that we have never seen a better match for the Range Rover Sport.

A nice Overfinch kit, a beautiful set of wheels, a nice new set of grills and a slight drop and you convert the hottest looking truck on the road to the hottest looking truck period. We hope you enjoyed this stunning Range Rover Sport brought to you by our friends at EVS Motors. Make sure to check them out for the best wheels on earth and of course for all your car customization needs…

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