MP4 + Wheels Boutique + HRE = WIN

It’s a simple equation, really. Buy a badass car, call Wheel’s Boutique, tell them to turn it up to eleven, and watch the magic happen. That’s exactly what the owner of this killer McLaren MP4-12C did – and you can see the results of this intoxicating mixture yourself.

The McLaren MP4-12C is my second favorite supercar on the market right now just a hair behind the 458, and it ranks high for good reason. It’s fast, it’s livable on the street, its design is aggressive yet understated, and the most talented automotive engineers in the world developed it. Still in my eyes it misses the mark on some of the intangibles that the 458 has, but this particular McLaren MP4-12C I would choose over a generically spec’d 458. Here’s why:

Starting with the color combo, it’s perfect. The white paint and black/carbon accents mesh perfectly, and the McLaren Orange caliper option adds a great touch of color to the exterior. The make-or-break factor on most cars comes down to the wheel choice, and Wheels Boutique knocked it out of the park on this car.

A set of HRE S104 wheels finished in matte black with a chrome barrel were fitted by the team at WB and they could not have made a better choice. The car has perfect contrast, an aggressive stance, strong lightweight shoes, and nearly 600 horsepower. That’s a total package in my eyes – I’ll let the pictures take it from here.

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