Modified Lambo Murcielago – Perfection

d2 forged murcielago

Its very difficult to match the right wheels to the right car especially when you deal with a Lamborghini, there seem to have been many companies out there that have attempted to modify Lamborghini cars but have simply failed. This latest creation comes from our friends at D2Forged who have perfected an already perfect Lamborghini. The concept to modifying any car is simple, the new aftermarket parts like wheels, exhaust, and misc must be superior than those existing on the car but must also retain the car’s natural OEM classic looks. D2Forged delivers on their first attempt with this stunning Lamborghini Murcielago. Make sure to continue reading to find all the specs on this perfectly tuned Murcielago by D2Forged.

Based out of NY, D2 forged specializes in aftermarket wheels for some of the top exotic brands on the planet, they carry and custom make wheels for just about any applications, from Lamborghini to Mercedes, they know how to deliver.

d2 forged lamborghini

When they were approached with the opportunity to modify this Lamborghini Murcielago, they knew they had to do it up. There are many Murcielagos out there, and most are modified but not many are done as right as this one. They decided to start with the wheels of course which are the most important aspect of modifying a car. The wheels of choice were the newest style from D2Forged themselves, the Concave Cv2. Hosting a reverse lip and creating a concave effect much deeper on the rear, this new style is a simple 5 star design that defines classiness with a deep dish that is simply not there like conventional wheels for the Lamborghini. Dont get me wrong these wheels are massive ¬†on the rear at 13″ wide but do not showcase the 5″ lip as well when sitting there but rather does a great job of creating dept when rolling.

d2 forged lamborghini wheels

The Lamborghini Murcielago was also lowered and got accented with some red calipers and a Larini Exhaust system, which we all know is the best of the best from Italy. Should you need your Murcielago modified feel free to contact D2Forged below and let them know Secret Entourage sent you.


WHEELS used to exact specs on car above:
“NAKED” Finish Center / CHROME LIP
20×8.5″ – 1.5″ Lip
20×13″ – 5.0″ Lip