Different Perspectives – Project Eagle Eye

sls amg project eagle eye

Project Eagle Eye, the world’s most striking SLS AMG has finally been completed thanks to the masterminds at SR Auto Group and PUR Wheels. Tony from SR Auto Group and Kevin of PUR wheels tell us all about this project and what it took to make it happen, but also share their thoughts on the wheel industry and where they see it going.

pur wheels sls amg project eagle eye

Here is what Kevin at PUR Wheels had to say about this one of a kind project…

The SLS is an exclusive, 1 / 1 collaboration with SR Auto Group.  It was a epic opportunity for us to expand our horizon on one of the most eccentric Mercedes ever made.  Our focus is and will always be on Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Maserati.

The SLS profile is so unorthodox. We felt it was only fitting to match it with our most unconventional design yet, PUR 40UR DEPTH, which will debut in Spring 2012.

Anything new for 2012 worth mentioning?

Our PUR 3PC DEPTH collection is scheduled to be released in Spring. We have a total of 4 designs to debut in the DEPTH collection. We are also working a VERY exciting wheel concept, throwing a modern spin on an absolute classic! All I can say is be ready.

sr auto group sls amg project eagle eye

Now a different perspective from Tony Yuen at SR Auto Group

SR and PUR worked together once more with this latest SLS.  Did he have any particular instructions with what he wanted with this SLS?

The owner of the SLS came to us with a very open mind, considering it is his first ever project car.  I think the instructions were along the lines of “Make it look really good.” The rest was up to us.

We found the wheel choice as unusual for this car, but yet it works. What made you choose this set/design?

The wheel choice is unusual for numerous reasons. First, this was a design ‘concept’ and wasn’t in production yet. Second, the manufacturer made a enormous decision to create a ‘ one-of-a-kind ‘ fitment just for this Mercedes SLS. As you may know, PUR only produces their design for only an exclusive few. We chose this design because it was unpredictable, unreleased, and filled with uncertainty. That’s how we know we are in the right direction.

sls amg project eagle eye

There is a strong amount of new wheel companies coming out, any thoughts on them? Do you feel they are competition for PUR?

The wheel industry has always been competitive. If anything, competition is a form of motivation and a formal reminder that the grind never stops. PUR has positioned themselves far from competition since the very beginning by focusing on what they love to do.  Since our first collaboration, it was evident that the passion behind their craft is what makes the difference.  I actually really enjoyed reading their interview on Secret Entourage. In it, they mention how they are not interested in dominating a wheel industry – but rather, just be recognized for their creativity.

“What separates the good from the great isn’t challenging your competition, it’s challenging yourself to elevate your own product to the new level”

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