D2 Forged – What’s Next for 2011?

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Back in 2009 we introduced you to two amazing guys, Derrick and his brother Stefan who own D2Forged and D2Life. Make sure to go back and read their story HERE if you missed it. In 2010, Secret Entourage worked very closely with D2Forged on project “Aston Heaven” which was a huge success as one of the most beautiful Aston Martins on the planet. In 2011, Secret will be working with D2 Forged on yet another very interesting project but we felt like it was time to go back and catch up with Derrick on where he sees this amazing wheel company going and why WWE asked him for a ride.

2010 was a tough year for many businesses due to the recession ending but yet still holding its effect on main street. What did you do to survive in 2010 and what did you do to set yourself up as well as your business for 2011.

2010 was certainly a tough year, but we chose to tackle each obstacle head on. With that outlook the strategy was somewhat simple, see the challenge and find a way to defeat it. Our primary focus in 2010 was to diversify, and collaborate with the best in the industry in order to strengthen our brand equity. We expanded the D2 brand into a hub of lifestyle & culture, while also building our core model of products sales.

We will continue this strategy in 2011.

There is word of a new line of cheaper D2 wheels coming out? What can you tell us?

The new F.M.S. Series is extremely exciting for us! We have developed a ground breaking product, with a forged construction process that’s never been done before. In addition we’ll offer cutting edge designs, light weight, premium materials and as a bonus a price point that is about 25% less expensive that our current models.

The series is targeted at vehicles 60k and under and we will offer application specific designs, fitments and even profiles.

With that being said, we are also expanding our existing product lines (VS, CV, MB) with more styles, sizing and finishes.

Running a wheel company is by no means an easy task but staying ahead of the game is even harder, what steps is D2 as a company taking to ensure its growth as a business and differentiation from its competitors in 2011.

We stay ahead of the game by constantly looking to innovate. A new wheel company pops up everyday, yet there is very little innovation. Our success has always been driven by our passion to do different things, and give our customer a little bit of the D2 swag with every wheel set!

For example our F.M.S. Series will be the first of its kind in regards to forged wheel construction and concave profile.

We have consistently stayed ahead of our competition because we see the “bigger” picture. We are building a movement with D2, not just a wheel.

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The D2Life is your newest lifestyle blog, associated with luxury living of those that enjoy D2 wheels. From a business element, how does that tie into the brand, and is that a core segment of the D2 group?

The D2Life was a MAJOR contributor to our success in 2010. When we sat down to develop the theme of the blog, we decided we didn’t just want a run on sentence of car mods.

The D2 Life is about forming a connection before any purchase is made, and maintaining that connection afterward. We report on better living, and that includes cars, fine dining, hotels, fashion, music, and even tech.

The key point is, we are reporting on and sharing this content from a first hand perspective. These are the things, places and events that we love and have experienced. We are giving our followers a more personal and intimate view into our lives, thus the name.

We briefly talked of your involvement in events like the NY Times Square event, will you guys be participating in more and what will those be? Any chance of a D2Forged rally in 2011?

We are already signed on for 2 charity events this year!

One is the Gold Coast Concurs, which benefits Diabetes Research. This show is organized by our strategic partner Martino Auto Concepts and last year we raised over 80k, in the rain!!

As far as our own show / rally goes, we are in the pre-planning stages now. There are plenty of runs to go drive around on, but we want to make a difference in someone’s life. We are currently in communication with several charities, one being the Ronald McDonald House.

We hope to host the show late 2011, early 2012.

We understand that you and your brother run D2 Forged, as stated in your interview. Can you tell us more of his role in the business, and where he fits in the bigger picture?

Stefan is the mad scientist and Technical Director. He works with our engineers to tweak designs and sort through the all the logistics of taking a design from our scribble sketches to a real wheel. The easiest thing is coming with ideas and concepts, the hard part is making it happen! In addition he also manages the entire warehouse staff.

We are complete opposites in our personalities, and that’s what makes our company thrive. D2FORGED would not be where it is today without Stefan.

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Wheel design is very important in the wheel game and innovation is key, many wheels out there are only similar designs to other wheels with a variation, can you describe what innovation looks like for D2 in 2011?

That’s a great question, in 2011 innovation looks like a product that is fresh, distinctive and gorgeous all at once. We spend hours upon hours figuring how to buck the current trends and set new ones. For instance, our newest deep concave design was recently completed. It’s a design that we are confident will knock peoples socks off, while not looking like any other companies wheel.

What should we expect of you and your team in 2011?

Expect us to grow as a lifestyle brand, and as a trendsetter in the world of custom wheels.

Whats up with that WWE collaboration?

Well, you can read all about D2 Forged and its grand entrance at the D2Life.

A big thank you to Derrick for taking the time to talk with us again. Make sure to check out the new MB1 Wheel by D2 Forged as well as the new FMS line up at www.D2Forged.com and check out www.theD2Life.com for updates on what its like to live the D2 Life.