D2 Forged – Cheap Wheels Don’t Count!

d2 forged wheels

Our friend Derrick at D2 called us and said he had an inexpensive cool new shirt he was releasing so people could rep his wheels on the streets, so we had to ask what they would look like. Fortunately for us, Derrick is a man that understands how to get to the car guys out there…Nothing like a beautiful women sitting on a beautiful Porsche 911 Turbo fitted with some MB1 Wheels. Enjoy this tshirt photoshoot and  check out what Derrick had to say about his new line of apparel!

d2 forged wheels

“This is not our first time making shirts. Our 2010 T’s were designed with fashion as the priority. They were tailored slim fit, V-necks with the D2FORGED Logo in more abstract locations (vertically along the ribcage for instance). The shirts did very well, and we got off to thinking how to follow up in 2011.While throwing out ideas to our marketing team, I suggested that we get back to basics. No fancy V-necks, just simple logo placement with a series of catch phrase’s on the back, and a more affordable price. With that out of the way, it was time to come up with the first phrases.

We kicked alot of ideas around and then Stefan got that spark….he just blurted out “Cause cheap wheels don’t count!!!” At first we just laughed it off as a joke, but he was serious!!! We tried it on a couple of our friends and got a great response! It was set in stone from then on. We realize that some people might take offense to the phrase, but I guess those people just can’t handle the truth. We all strive to attain the finer things in life, and we want the distinction that comes with the exclusive, and pricey things that we spend our hard earned money on. Our wheels are installed on some of the finest cars on the planet, and we want to grant access to that D2 club, to any individual who purchases this T-shirt!!

d2 forged wheels shirts

The last key to the puzzle was pricing. Our last run of shirts were really pricey at $24.95 each, and I wanted to do something more affordable. I set some real tough goals: 50% of the price with NO REDUCTION in quality. We have a great staff assembled, but they can’t work miracles. In the end we got 100% cotton, 8oz, double stitched shirts with 2 layer silk screen, price: $13.95 each. The final number was higher than anticipated, so we put a promotion together…. $11.95 each for the entire month of August!!

Here is a photoshoot to kick things off.  The shirts are available to order directly on our site: http://d2forged.com/v2/apparel.html

d2 forged wheels tshirt