Aston or Volvo?

So the other day I came across this picture and though to myself really?

Volvo Aston Martin Key

I have personally driven the Aston Martin V8 Vantage and thought what a great car. It’s not fast, but it sure is a looker, without mentioning that the details of the interior are simply striking. Exactly what you expect from a $140,000 Aston Martin. But then some surprising resemblances to the automaker Ford exist all over the car. We all know that $65 Million of Aston Martin is still owned by Ford but come on this is ridiculous.

Here are some of the components that were borrowed from the Ford:

-Mirrors and switches all belong to Volvo

-The key fob as pictured above obviously belong to Volvo first

-The engine components are straight from a Ford Mustang Cobra

Aston Martin’s comments were “all key fobs will be replaced by new control units in 2009 models.” This leaves you wondering why do these cars depreciate so much. Maybe its just a glorified Volvo with a Ford Cobra motor.