997 Porsche GT2

997 porsche gt2

This is by far the fastest and meanest Porsche to date. The 997 GT2 continues to prove it leads the pack in performance worldwide. The car is truly spectacular and is by far superior to the $500k v10 powered Carrera GT. With 530HP and 505 lbs TRQ, it is a bargain at $195,000.

997 porsche gt2

The lightweight 997 GT2 weighs 225 less than its Turbo counterpart but does remain heavier than the 2007 GT3 despite its many titanium parts including a $19,000 exhaust system. The car’s unique features include LED signal and day lights (similar to the Audi R8), 19″ lightweight wheels wrapped in racing versions of the Michelin PS2, aggressive styling and of course the very expensive badge that lets everyone know you have money.

The car stops on a dime as well using state of the art ceramics by Porsche and can be distinguished by the yellow color of the calipers.

997 porsche gt2

The GT2 is no joke in terms of performance and styling and offers exclusivity that other car will not be able to match.

The GT2 pictured above can be had through EVOMS fully customized with only 49 miles on the clock. Red on black fully optioned and includes:

Evolution Motorsports EVT640 Package

Red with Black Suede Interior
-Red Stitching Throughout
-Red Gauges
-Cargraphic High-Flow Cats
-EVOMS Boost Recirculation Valves
-EVOMS Exhaust Manifolds
-EVOMSit Software

The car is being offered @ $219,000 OBO

If you are interested, please email us at contactus@secretentourage.com