Supercar Sunday – Lamborghini vs Ferrari

Brand loyalty is often split between two similar but very different brands. You have Canon or Nikon. There’s also Pepsi or Coke. In the exotic car market there is primarily Lamborghini or Ferrari.¬† The only thing these two marques share is their origin but other than that they are worlds apart. As the saying goes, different strokes for different folks. After all, competition drives business. Differences aside, to own a vehicle from either brand should be considered a blessing. Supercar Sunday held their annual Lamborghini vs Ferrari event recent and we had the privilege of checking it out. Although Ferrari outnumbered Lamborghini by a small margin, the turnout was fantastic. Enjoy the pictures…

The extremely rare Lamborghini Reventon. This one in particular had a price tag of $1.8 million which is $1 million overpriced in our opinion… but it is definitely a true hyper car. Everything from the matte paint job to the fighter jet inspired gauges, you just can’t help by stare at it to see all the small details.

A row of mostly Lamborghinis. We hope Lamborghini retains Lamborghini doors in their next flagship model.

The only Lamborghini Diablo I remember seeing at the show. Such a shame more didn’t come out as the Diablo is already a decade old but still remains modern looking thanks to its timeless design.

Lamborghini Verde Ithaca (lime  green) paint job is our #1 choice. Under the sunlight the pearl effect is simply stunning.

The show nearly featured all current models from each marque as you can see in the picture there are Maserati Granturismo, Ferrari F430, Lamborghini LP670 SV, Lamborghini LP560, Ferrari 16M, Ferrari 599.

A pretty clean modified Gallardo that has been lowered with wheels and exhaust. The exhaust is inspired from the Lamborghini Gallardo racecar and exits in the center with an odd shaped tip.

Lexus brought out their new “exotic” car the LFA. To be honest this car does not do anything for us. Parked next to a Ferrari F430 or Lamborghini Gallardo no one would give this car a second look. The lines are very odd and the performance is lacking from what I’ve read in recent reviews. $375k can be better spent elsewhere…

The car that stole the show for me was this classic Lamborghini Miura SV. Miura’s are rare enough but an SV edition is icing on the cake. Easily one of the best car designs ever.

New vs old Lamborghini Superleggera’s. Personally I prefer the old bodystyle but the motor and transmission in the LP570 is far superior.

A group of Ferrari’s in their two most popular colors. Personally a huge fan of the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale as in the picture.

The red Gallardo in the middle is actually owned by a fairly elderly lady. You’ve may of read about her before…

There was around 3 or 4 Lamborghini Miuras in attendance. Here is the orange Lamborghini Miura.

The owner of Al and Eds Autosound’s personal Lamborghini Superleggera. Since last time we saw it he has added the Italian colored stripes.

The matte black crew of SCC. Hidden in the back is a matte black Rolls Royce Phantom as well as a matte green Lamborghini Murcielago.

Ferrari 16M with some super rare Ferrari behind it. I heard it belongs to Bruce Meyer and is worth upwards of $12 million. Wish I knew more about it so I could of captured better pictures.

The other Lamborghini LP670 SV at Supercar Sunday. This color is Grigrio Telesto aka the same color as Batman’s LP640.

A sea of red…

As much as the Grigrio Telesto is nice, I’d rather have my SV in orange as pictured. Lamborghini’s are meant to be bright, extreme, and in your face.

The Porsche Panamera is one ugly looking car but Mansory Tuning managed to make a body kit to ‘help’ the appearance of it. This is one Panamera I wouldn’t mind driving.

Last but not least, another Ferrari Scuderia. I’m a big fan of race inspired cars such as the Superleggera, Scuderia, GT3 RS, etc.

Overall, Supercar Sunday was a blast as usual. Over on the east coast we can literally count on our fingers how many Lamborghini or Ferrari’s come out. It’s nice to see owners on the west coast actually enjoying their car. I was a tad bit disappointed by the lack of the Ferrari Enzo or the new Ferrari 458. There’s always next time!

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