Supercar Sunday – Ferrari vs Lamborghini 2011

supercar sunday

Supercar Sunday hosted their annual Ferrari vs Lamborghini car show in Woodland Hills over the weekend. Expectations were pretty high as cars such as the Lamborghini Aventador or Ferrari SA Aperta could have made an appearance but failed to do so. Hundreds of cars gathered with the majority being Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s of course and a supporting cast of enthusiast cars from Ultima’s to Nissan GTR’s. While the turnout did lack some of the cars in attendance last year such as the Lamborghini LP670-SV, there was a plethora of more ‘common’ exotics such as the F430 and Gallardo as you’ll see in the pictures. Enjoy the coverage…

For whatever cars the show lacked, it was forgotten when my eyes saw in the distance true hypercar royalty that is the Pagani Zonda R. A car like unlike any other, the Zonda is in another breed of its own and the R edition being Horacio Pagani’s vision as the ultimate race car. You just simply stare in awe as a car like this will most likely never be seen again as it is not street legal and probably one of the few, if not the only one, currently on US soil. It simply is a pure work of art.

Diablo’s aren’t a very common sight and actually hold their value relatively well considering their age. The Diablo’s of the show were clearly outnumbered by modern day Lamborghini’s 10 to 1 easily. This particular Diablo was modded to race specs and featured naca duct headlight replacements, rear wing, exhaust, wheels, among many other mods. It actually is for sale on eBay.

As the show came to an end rain started to drizzle down, which is uncommon for Southern California. Many owners left early to avoid downpour but this particular Lamborghini Countach left at the peak of the storm and was driving next to me on the highway in the pouring rain. Truly a sight to behold and respectable for actually being driven.

It’s always interesting to see new and old Ferrari’s side by side. The 458 Italia looks quite agressive compared to the older 360 Challenge Stradale but there something about the latter that makes me still prefer it. 458 Italia is still a great car and arguably the best car in the segment beating out the Mclaren MP4 and Lamborghini LP570.

By far the hottest color on any Lamborghini is the Verde Ithaca pearl green finish. These are two examples of Verde Ithaca but actually not done by the factory. Both cars were repainted by Specialty Car Craft with one being pearl and the other being a matte finish.

As surprising as it might seem, F40 are quite common at these car shows. Fortunately this particularly Ferrari F40 represented Ferrari well due to the lack of the Ferrari Enzo or Ferrari F50. I did spot a Ferrari Enzo in Beverly Hills once and it was quite a stunning surprise but just another day in LA.

With the dozens if not hundred or so twin turbo Lamborghini’s roaming around it was a sure thing to see a few at the show. This particular Superleggera sported a Heffner 1000HP kit along with JDM Volk Racing G2 Wheels and LP560 bumper. It is by far the lowest Gallardo I’ve seen and best of all, it’s a true 6 speed manual.

Dice Electronics had their GT3 RS out for display. Maybe we should reach out to them for their success story.

A pair of Lamborghini Miura’s. Can’t say I know too much about them but they feature one of the best automotive designs of all time. These particular cars had a few subtle appearance differences such as the mirrors.

Beneath this SL AMG is a SL55 sporting a widebody kit with the updated front and rear end of the latest SL class. Sounded pretty mean too.

This smurf colored LP560 would not be the first choice of colors but we have to say it looks pretty good. If there’s one car maker that can draw their paint inspirations from a bag of Skittles then Lamborghini is the one that can make it work.

The Ford RS200 is not the prettiest car but definitely a collectable now and highly admired by enthusiasts around the world. It’s performance was ahead of its time and paved the way for racing and sports car. To put in perspective, this 25 years ago was doing 0-60 mph faster than many supercars of today.

Nothing really special about this particular LP560 but I think the orange calipers are a nice touch to the white on black.

I believe this is the new Porsche 911 Speedster? Thought this came in blue only but here it is in white. Looks ok but just like any other Porsche which begs the question of why you would pay a premium for certain models. On the Porsche website right now there are 23 different variants of the 911.

Lamborghini ended it’s Gallardo production line with a bang by launching the Performante, the spyder equivalent of the LP570. This car looks menacing, no questions about it. We can only hope that the new Gallardo replacement is a caliber above this.

The star of the show had to have been this dog who posed quietly in front of the white Countach for several minutes. With the goggles and smile, it’s cuteness attracted a large crowd of photographers and spectators alike.

Hope you liked the coverage and stay tuned as we bring you more events coast to coast.