The 6 Side Effects of Being an Entrepreneur


While we discussed how hard entrepreneurship really is, we have yet to speak of the many side effects that come with the title. Remember that entrepreneurship as we define it is not related to business, but rather someone’s ability to innovate and create value for others. While many call themselves ‘entrepreneurs’ online and consider themselves very successful using money as a measure of success, we at Secret Entourage do not make such a correlation. So here are the side effects of real entrepreneurship.

Everything becomes complicated, even when it doesn’t have to.

Entrepreneurs like to look into everything, and often forget to enjoy the simpler aspects of life. While many simply become consumers, entrepreneurs seem to not want to conform and as a result often complicate everything for themselves. Always looking for a loophole can get tiring on yourself and those around you. Proceed with caution.

What “ifs” can consume you.

Most entrepreneurs always strive to improve everything, including themselves and as a result always become faced with the “what if” which is ultimately simply a gauge of the possibilities ahead of them. While seeking to improve you is a good thing, anything in excess can turn bad very quickly. There is always a “what if” and that can often blur the fine line between belief and dreaming. Two very different things.

Nothing can’t be fixed.

Not only finding solutions to just about every problem becomes a common trait but not giving up till you do often follows it. This is one of those better side effects, as many will tell you that true entrepreneurs don’t need resources to be resourceful.

Thick skin for rejection.

Rejection and failure are major components of any entrepreneur’s life and are part of the idea of being an entrepreneur. You are, after all, traveling where others haven’t gone before, giving you an unknown path full of obstacles and surprises. Through that journey you learn to grow thick skin and you learn to not allow others to dictate what you can or can’t do.

You infect others with belief.

Everyone who has been friend with an entrepreneur will tell you that their belief in themselves, their ideas, and the possibilities are contagious. This energy they omit can rub off on friends and family very well.

You can’t turn it OFF.

Last but not least is the single greatest side effect of being an entrepreneur. The fact that you can’t turn it off. You are a constant hub of ideas and thoughts, and are often unable to stop thinking about your project or venture which almost becomes obsessive in some regard. This can seriously impact your relationships, your personal life, and those around you. Learning to balance is key but often very difficult for true pioneers.

These are the 6 side effects every entrepreneur is faced with, and regardless that they are good or bad, they are the reality that many of us have to live with. This is only a small fraction of the reality behind the mask that entrepreneurs must wear. Never showing weakness, and always being ready to showcase their enthusiasm even if at times what you see on the outside is far from what’s on the inside.