Turn Your Social Media Traffic into Paying Customers Using These Strategies


Thousands might be visiting your website through your social media channels, but the question you really need to ask is, “Are any of these people buying from me?”. If none of your social media traffic is reaching out to their pockets to buy your products, then all the efforts you’ve exerted to bring them to your website would all have been for nought. After all, wouldn’t it be such a waste if all your social media traffic only visited your website to consume your content, and not buy anything from you?

Allow me to share with you these proven and tested tips to turn your social media traffic, into paying customers:

1. Use the “try now pay later” strategy.

The idea is to provide your services for free on the first month, so you can establish value, then charge them for the succeeding months.

What makes this strategy amazing is that your readers will experience first hand how amazing your products are – at no cost to them at all. If your products are true problems solvers, the chances are good that your audience will realize during their free trial period that they can’t live without your products.

That being said, when the second month comes where their trial period is over, they’ll be compelled to buy your services since they understand how invaluable your products are to their life.

2. Store their email addresses.

There is a reason why most business owners find it challenging to turn their social media traffic into paying customers; and that is, most of the traffic coming from social media sites are usually looking to just consume content.

Most of them are looking to be entertained, others are just drawn in by curiosity, while others are looking for how-to guides.

In short, the last thing they have in their mind is buying anything from anyone.

It’s because of this that you need to shift your social media traffic’s mindset from simply consuming content, into becoming a buyer of a product.

Of course, capturing their email addresses is one of the best ways to accomplishing just that.

The thing with capturing their email addresses is that you can nurture your relationship with them. You can send them newsletters talking about tips on how they can solve their problems, and you can send them discount codes (among others). This will help you establish trust and credibility making it easier for them to buy from you – should the time arise when they need your help.

It’s important to remember that while your social media traffic might not be looking to buy anything right now, they might need to buy something in the future. At that point, since you are constantly in contact with them through the email newsletters that you are regularly sending, you can easily become their go-to person since they already know you (and trust you) at a certain level.

3. Use contests.

There are some merits to running contests on your social media profiles, or running them on your website.

When you implement the contests on your website, you pretty much have a good level of control over the experience that your social media traffic will get since you can change your website’s sidebar, header, footer, or just about anything on the screen that your users can see.

Now compare that with running your contests on Facebook where your visitors can still see their feeds, chat box, and notifications – all of which can cause them to be distracted from giving you their full attention.

There are several mechanics that you can implement when running a contest. Some of the best social media contests ever made have these elements in common:

  • They captured their audience’s email address.
  • They required their audience to buy x amount of their products so they can join the contest.
  • They required their audience to share the contest to their circle of connection to increase the chances of the contest going viral.
  • They made sure that the requirements they give isn’t that much of a hassle to their audience since it’ll only turn them off.
  • They also made sure that the prize of the contest is something that their audience really wants. At the end of the day, the question that your audience will ask is, “what’s in it for me?”. If your prize isn’t enticing enough to your audience, you’ll never be able to compel them to join your contests.

There is no silver bullet to make your contest successful, since you need to tailor-fit your contests’ mechanics based on your industry’s dynamics. However, the tips I shared above will surely point you to the right direction. At this point, all you need to do is to tweak it until you get the results that you’re looking for.

4. Make sure that your landing page is optimized for conversion.

While your social media visitor’s initial reason to visit your website might not be to buy anything, they just might change their mind while consuming your content. At this point, you need to make sure that the buying experience for them becomes very convenient so they won’t even think twice about going ahead with the purchase.

A good way of doing that is to create a landing page that is optimized for conversion.

Allow me to share with you 3 of the best tweaks that you can implement on your landing page to optimize it for conversion:

a. Be very keen on where you put your call-to-action buttons.

Sprinkle your call-to-action buttons on the different parts of your landing page, and not just in one place.

As a general rule, seasoned marketers tend to add a call-to-action button on areas where the copy talks about, or establishes immense value to the readers.

This helps make it easier for your audience to buy from you immediately after they are sold to the idea of how amazing your products are – all while not having to scroll up or down just to find your “buy now” buttons.

b. When writing your website copy, focus on your product’s benefits, rather than its features.

Most businesses are so pumped about sharing to their audience how amazing their products are, that they forget to talk about its benefits.

That’s a terrible mistake.

The fact is, your audience doesn’t really care about how amazing your products are. All they are concerned about is how they can benefit from it. It doesn’t matter if your product’s quality is world class. If your audience feels that the benefits they’ll experience doesn’t outweigh the amount of cash they’ll shell out to buy your product, you can bet your family jewels that they won’t buy from you.

c. Make it easier for your audience to contact you.

There will be situations where your social media traffic won’t buy from you yet because they have questions that they’d like clarified first. That is why you need to make it easier for them to contact you so you can address these clarifications immediately, and remove whatever obstacle there is that’s keeping your customers from buying.

Add several elements in your homepage that will enable your prospective customers to contact you immediately, should they have any questions about your service.

You can add elements like a floating “Send us a message” box, or you can add your contact number in prominent places.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity of turning your social media traffic into paying customers. Considering how getting thousands of traffic on your website is relatively easier nowadays because of the way the social media platforms are set up, you need to be able to capitalize on this to grow your sales.

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Jimmy Rodela is a Freelance Writer and a Content Marketer. He is the Founder of the Guild of Bloggers. He is a contributor on websites with millions of monthly traffic like Yahoo, Business.com, Monster, Business2Community and Social Media Today.