Make Money Without a Job by Becoming a Writer

internet writer

Every month, we bring you ideas about ways to make money without a job and this month is no different. Even though we know the recession is over, we still believe that unemployment will continue to remain harsh on everyone until late 2010, and so here is one more idea.

Become a writer…

Making money without a job is easy because the internet is vast and endless and there isn’t one subject on the internet that hasn’t been covered by someone or some website. Experts and normal people come together every day on forums all over the internet and share their expert opinion with one another on various matters, and once you are established as an expert in your field by the public, then you know that others will listen. There are various websites that focus on subject matters like finance, engineering, electronics, and many other topics that need good and strong writers to write for them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. There can be good money into writing online, most will pay $4-10 per article and others will pay you a monthly rate for a certain number of articles, and in some cases you might even be able to get credit for your work.

How do you do it?

Making money can be quite simple; the harder part is finding the right websites and getting in contact with the decision maker. Find 5 to 10 websites you can relate to and would enjoy writing for and simply email the web master asking for a contact name and number and make sure to leave your contact number as well. Most webmasters receive many offers for services by companies or from overseas, making sure to differentiate yourself from all the spam is key to getting your point across.
Once you’ve made contact, you simply have to come to term and will most likely be asked to provide a sample article for review and will also be asked to accept a 1099 for your earnings especially if it’s a larger more professional operation. To make money writing articles online, simply keep in mind that you must be an expert in your field, not simply someone with basic knowledge of a topic and you must possess the basic writing skills necessary to deliver your thoughts in a professional and understandable way.

The competitive advantage!

Listen carefully as this could be the reason you succeed or fail at this. There is a lot of money to be made in this field if you know how to hit the webmaster’s sweet spot. Most webmasters are web designers, editors and SEO experts. They spend their time making the article look good, the grammar mistakes go away and finally want to make sure their content gets read which means the less they have to do, the better your chances of getting extra kudo points and getting them to agree to having you write for their site. Make sure that your sample article is perfect and in line with what the web site’s final aim is.