Make Money Offline Affiliate Marketing

Lets make more money this way. We discussed the ability to start your own costless small business right from home last time and discovered that with the simple use of office and a PC, you can make money and that can add up to a bit, but this time lets look at another option in case you decide that handyman work was just not for you.

For this particular one, all you need is a long list of friends and some networking skills.

What you need to do?

Visit sales based businesses (cars, homes, furniture) and talk to the manager about helping him sell his inventory or speak to one of the sales associates about helping them make money. Negotiate a referral fee and happy selling.

How this works?

For example, you make a deal with the local car dealer and agree that for everyone you bring over that buys a car, they will give you $300. That way you start making money off of your friends that would regularly buy the same things anyways.

Some Quick tips.

  1. Pick a small business to work with.
  2. Large businesses have policies that might not allow this
  3. Work with going out of business places
  4. Learn the product you are trying to sell
  5. Spread the word through your friends
  6. Act as if you work there and get the best deals
  7. Never say NO to a potential customer
  8. Use technology to advertise (craigslist)

Happy Selling and best of luck.